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May 27, 2020
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May 26, 2020
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The Beach Is Back

The annual beach ban for our beloved doggies came into effect on Monday, June 1st and finishes today, Tuesday, September 15th.

And that means, hey, people can once again enjoy full Bo Derek runs along the South Beach with their beloved mutts.

The ban zone was in effect along the Blue Flag zone of Greystones seafront, which basically consists of the South Beach from the beginning of the arch entrances up to The Men’s.

Dogs are always free to roam, of course, in the town’s unofficial doggie park, otherwise known as The Cove. Until the real dog park arrives.

For now though, the sand is back on your mutt’s nuts, my friend.

Now, all we need is for that Indian Summer to move up a gear, and we’ll all be in doggy heaven.


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  1. J Mulvey says:

    I had hopes that this year the beach ban would be reviewed in light of the need for social distancing, but no. I walk the south beach very early every morning with my two rescue dogs, cleaning up after them, and at this time of day the beach is almost empty. I do not go near the beach for the rest of the day to avoid the crowds of people.
    I do not understand why this ban is so sweeping. Why not introduce a time such as no dogs between 9am-9pm? And why on earth does it have to drag on until the middle of September?
    I note with amusement that if I were lucky enough to own a horse, according to the bye laws I could exercise it on the beach year round, the only condition being that the horse would have to be off the beach by 10am May-October. Can there not be a similar rule for dogs?

  2. Ruth killeen says:

    Please please please could we all ask the council for more dog poop bins. It’s impossible to explain to mutts from around the whole of greystones that it’d be preferable if they could hold it in til near the seafront! Nobody likes carrying a bag of that stuff around. And while I’m here it’d be great to have those ‘1 km’ walking posts around the place.. considering the state of the health service isn’t prevention better than cure and a lot less expensive ?! I’m sure minister Harris being a greystonian would be happy to help us with them …… Just sayin 😉