Greystones Door Of Deception Is Now Open!

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April 16, 2016
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April 21, 2016

Greystones Studios Ballerina Mural Launch 12MAY16 10 (530x800)
There were cupcakes! There was beer! There were beautiful people! There was one mind-bogglingly magnificent mural! There were more cupcakes!

Yep, as the oul cutting of the ribbon malarkey goes, this evening at Theatre Lane was one of the finest. And that’s largely because the work in question is a beauty to behold.

It was a tricky enough commission for Theatre Lane’s artist in residence, Irina Kuksova – take a dead-end hallway door, and make it magical. And that’s just what Irina has done.
With the help of some wild imagination and some not inconsiderable talent, Irina set about turning this faceless door into a ballet rehearsal scene, using local ballerina Jasmine as her subject, and cleverly incorporating the fire escape bar as the dance rehearsal banister.
And now, as you walk down the first-floor hallway of Greystones Studios, you would be forgiven for believing that you’ve stepped into another world.
And that you’ve stumbled upon a beautiful ballerina in the full blush of youth.
That Jasmine is a particularly good ballerina may have something to do with the fact that her mother, Rachel, has been running The Goode School of Dance at the Studios for the last, oh, 376 years.
Proud Rachel was at hand today, taking a break from classes to witness artist and subject come together to officially open Theatre Lane’s latest mural.
For the acclaimed Irina, it was undoubtedly one of her finest works to date.
For Jasmine, it was just a thrill, from beginning to end, to know that she was being immortalised forever, right here, in the heart of Greystones.

You can visit this wonderful Door of Deception during normal working hours from Monday to Saturday at the Greystones Studios.

It may just inspire you to enter Theatre Lane’s upcoming Wonderwall Project – more of which soon…

You can find out more about Irina Kuksova’s art on her website here.


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