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Greystones Gardaí Issue Halloween Guide

It’s been a suitably nightmare year, so, any scares Halloween 2020 can muster should make us all feel right at home…

And to make sure we can all have fun without being dumb, Greystones Community Gardaí have issued a guide for enjoying the chilly season.

Take it away, Maria…

With Covid-19 still very real in our community, for a safe Halloween in 2020, gatherings, events & parties are not permitted. Here are a few fun ideas to make your Halloween fun indoors.

Get Creative, Have Fun, Stay Safe

While the Halloween activities we’re used to are on pause this year, here are a few ideas to keep the spooky fun going while staying safe.

Host A Virtual Costume Party

Dress, up, make costumes, or put on a crazy wig and invite your child’s friends and family to a virtual party using one of many popular video chat apps. Make it fun and incorporate a dance party, sing-along, or parade around the house.

Decorate & Carve Pumpkins

One of Halloween’s best traditions is decorating and carving pumpkins. This can also be a fun outdoor and socially distanced activity for you. Or, host a pumpkin decorating contest virtually using a video chat app.

Make Fun & Tasty Halloween Treats

As well as buying sweets for your children this year, let your kids pick a few fun and Halloween-themed cookie or recipes to make.

Set Up A Hide & Seek

Hide sweets throughout the house or garden, and let your children go find them. Or, map out a scavenger hunt with clues to where you

Pass The Apple

Line up the children in two rows, the same number of children in each line.

They have to pass the apple to the person behind them only using their chin, without using hands or dropping the apple. If the apple drops a team must start from the beginning again.

Snap Apple – each having their own apple or donut on a string this year!

Tie strings around apples and suspend them from the ceiling, a tree branch, or even use the washing line. You may need to adjust the length once your players arrive so they are at mouth height or lower.

Each player must attempt to eat the entire apple without touching it with their hands. Another prize can be given to the person who gets the first bite out of their apple. It is quite tricky, and you may want to change apples for donuts for younger children.

Apple Paring – for older children

Each child gets an apple, fruit knife and a plate with all being as close as possible in size and quality.

The children each have to peel their apple, with the winner being the one who produces the longest and narrowest peeling. In times past the person then threw the apple peel over their left shoulder and the letter which the peel resembled was the first initial of the person’s future husband or wife.

Ghost Stories

Setting the scene for a scary story is what is needed for maximum effect. Your story could be a real life haunting, a classic ghost story, or an urban legend.

Candles, strange noises and even a hidden prankster (to jump out at the right moment, or squeak some floorboards) will all provide suitable ‘fright’.

Post Mortem/Autopsy

This Halloween game is well known and can be made much creepier by blindfolding the guests and passing around the contents of the ‘corpse’ (something gooey) while all of your guests cringe at the feel of their gooey hands! – eg placing hands into baked beans!

Bairín Breac

Various things are baked into the loaf, including of course a ring. It is seen as a form of divination for the year ahead. This is a traditional game and the hidden objects signify different things:

Ring – marriage
Coin – wealth
Rag – poverty
Thimble – old maid

Please stay safe and have a lovely homely Halloween.

You can check out our Halloween In Greystones round-up right about here, and if you’d like to make your neighbours jealous, there’s always Pumpkins By Pip too.