Greystones Graffiti Artist Triggers Dow Jones Collapse

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January 21, 2019
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January 11, 2018
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Greystones Graffiti Artist Triggers Dow Jones Collapse

Following one of the most volatile weeks in trading since the financial crisis, international stock markets suffered their heaviest losses today after a Greystones graffiti artist pointed out that ‘commercialization comes at a price’.

Written in the dead of night, the artist known only as Wanksy had some ugly truths to impart to the world.

On a Hillside wall. In Greystones.

Having nailed the one major flaw of capitalism, Wanksy also took aim at war. And he’s clearly against it, stating, simply, ‘WAR SELLS‘.

Two simple words that had world leaders quivering, and, according to Pat down in the Credit Union, left world banks ‘shaken’.

With the paint barely dry on these earth-shattering revelations, it’s too early to say what kind of new world order will follow Wanksy’s incendiary missives.

Suffice to say, the world stock markets – and the world itself – will never be the same again.

Not now that they realise, in the words of Wanksy himself, that ‘COMMERCIAL IZ A HOR’. Well sed, Seán. Very well sed.

You can check out some more hard-hitting Greystones graffiti down through the years right here.