Handmaid’s Tale Flash Mob Coming To Greystones

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May 7, 2018
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Handmaid’s Tale Flash Mob Coming To Greystones

A misguided and ill-informed book club who mistook Margaret Atwood’s celebrated Dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale as an instruction manual are reportedly planning a flash mob on the main street of Greystones Tuesday afternoon.

Believing in a world where women’s rights should be restricted and controlled for the greater good of church and state, this mysterious fan club – who specialise in fake news and grotesque, gratuitous imagery – are known merely as The No Mob.

Theories as to where that particular name sprang from have had many concluding that it’s most likely in tribute to Dr No – even though many in the group have reportedly never seen or even heard of the Bond villain. They just, one insider says, “like the sound of his name“.

Added another, “once he’s not the baddie who strokes the pussy, we’re happy.”

Due to descend upon the town at 3pm on Tuesday, May 8th, exactly what sort of choreographed craziness the No Flash Mob are planning for the streets of Greystones is also unknown, although a spokesperson for the group insisted that it will be based on an ancient Irish fertility dance. Where the woman is swung by her ears. Until dead.

If the No Mob do bring their Trashdance to our streets, let’s all try and give them a great big Greystones welcome…

You can catch our friendly bants with these lovely people right here.