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August 30, 2019
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September 4, 2019

As with all those Greystones businesses that can work behind closed doors, young Ann Teehan is taking her eco shop online for the days that in it.

So, if you’re keen to help the environment just as it gets a well-deserved breath of clean air by cutting down on your domestic waste too, hey, you’re in luck.

Eco By AnniePooh is ready to take care of your needs right about now.

Over to Ann…

We’ve closed the doors of our little shop for now to keep you, our customers, and our team safe, but we are very much still open online, including our food, with Free contactless local delivery!

We have a kids section, sould you need something new to entertain the little ones. All our bars of soaps are made with Shea butter, which makes them moisturising, to help protect your hands with all the washing they’re getting at the moment, and we’ve a lovely natural hand cream too.

If you prefer liquid soap, we have sanitising hand wash too.

Nice. You can find all these, and more, on the AnniePooh website right over here. Do it.