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October 29, 2018
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November 3, 2018

As anyone who was at The Whale’s recent Under The Clock screening will tell you, there’s nothing quite like watching a movie together.

Especially in a darkened room, on the big screen, with surround sound, and your favourite glass of liquid refreshment by your side.

It’s a feeling that starts in childhood, the sense of being transported to an entirely different world for 90 minutes, the entire room sharing one giant big roller coaster of thrilling twists, heart-stopping turns and side-splitting gags.

Anyone who’s ever kicked a dent in the front door of The Ormonde after a Bruce Lee movie will understand.

Well, the good news is, the second best thing you can do in a darkened room with a bunch of strangers is back in Greystones, as The Greystones Film Club continue to mix a little of what you want with what you need.

Over the coming weeks, modern classics, such as The Big Lebowski and Elf, will share that big Whale screen with brand new offerings, such as November’s award-winning Katie, a documentary following the Bray boxing legend’s recent comeback after the 2016 Olympics left Ms Taylor on the ropes.

For the kids, there’s the Tim Burton Halloween beauty, The Nightmare Before Christmas, screening on Wednesday, October 31st at 2pm, whilst Home Alone will blow your woolly hat off on Sunday, November 25th, and the Raymond Brigg’s double-bill of The Snowman and Father Christmas on Sunday, December 2nd is pretty much the perfect way to herald in the festive season.

With new films added weekly, you can keep an eye out for your perfect night at the pictures on the Greystones Film Club website here, and The Whale website here.

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