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January 6, 2017
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January 6, 2017

This coming Sunday, January 8th 2017, would have been David Bowie’s 70th birthday.

The second Sunday in January also marks the first anniversary of the rock icon’s death.

And so it was that noted Cuban percussionist and life-long Bowie fan Pablo Buerno decided to put together a 70th Birthday Bash for the late, great David Robert Jones.

It was actually back in February 2016 that the gig was first proposed to Conor Duggan, the owner of The Harbour Bar in Bray. And the gig was only remembered by Pablo when he got an email one week before Christmas from The Harbour Bar, who needed the details of the Bowie gig for their January calendar.


Somehow, with only a few days before the Christmas mayhem, seven singers and musicians were pulled together, included noted solo artists Doug Sheridan and Keeley Moss as well as respected musicians and composers Ray Harman (Something Happens!), Garvan Gallagher (everything, from Leo O’Kelly to the Bosco theme) and Terry Meakin (the Billy Preston of Kilcoole).

Joining the band on the night will be guest vocalists Nancy Falkow and David Bates, both of this parish.

You can catch this free two-hour Bowie love-in at The Harbour Bar, Bray on Saturday, January 7th. Kick-off is 9.30pm for the support, 10.30pm for the main man, with kicking-out time arriving at 12.30am . So, we’ll all get to sing Happy Birthday to the boy.

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