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June 25, 2019
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July 4, 2019

There’s going to be far more winners than just that one lucky fecker who’s got the golden ticket for Win A Kool House.

When that winning name is pulled out of the hat on Saturday, July 6th, there’s going to be 4,049 smiling, happy Kilcoolers all benefiting from this rather kick-ass raffle too.

With all the money raised going to much-needed improvements and upgrades at the two local GAA and FC clubs, the sports facilities for all the young players in Kilcoole are going to progress to a whole new division. And, as we all know, happy kids mean happy parents, a happy home, and a happy community.

And community is what Win A Kool House is all about. Having launched on Friday, August 24th, the €105 tickets for this €400,000 house in The Willows – a small, exclusive new estate in the heart of Kilcoole – will be withdrawn from sale on Sunday, June 30th. Which then leaves everyone with six days of dreaming and colour-scheming before the win in The Willows is revealed at the prize draw in Coláiste Chraobh Abhann on that fateful Saturday.

It’s going to be emotional, and a moment that will change someone’s life forever. There’s also the little matter of the nine runner-up prizes, including a €3,000 Royal Caribbean cruise, a €2,000 holiday of your choice, and a whole truckload of other luxury goodies.

So, plenty to win here, my fat friends – once you grab your ticket before Sunday, June 30th. And a big shout-out to Derek Burton of Knockree Developments who made this house available to the Kilcoole clubs.

And just to whet your appetite even further, the winner of the Sexiest Fecker Alive award at this year’s dodgy Greystones People Of The Year awards, Pappy Frawley took a break from his important stud work this afternoon to take us on a tour of the largely-completed, underfloor-heated, top-of-the-range, A3 energy-rated Willows wonder…

As soon as you’ve picked up your jaw from the floor, go get that ticket here.

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