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January 19, 2020
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January 21, 2020

He’s a busy man, that Andrea Splendori – and a beautiful one too, always searching for ways to bring people together, to find the funny, the joy, the healing.

To, as he says about his iTunes-topping podcast, find ways of ‘rebuilding the fabric of society’.

Now hitting episode #80, Social Fabric has seen the Greystones native sit down with the great and the good, the famous and the infamous, the public figures and the shy worker bees, to try and figure out what makes us tick. And what might just make us less thick.

So, from the Flynn twins (Andrea cleverly separating the two over individual episodes) and Dr Mags Crean to musician Mark Geary and wistful swimmer Ruth Fitzmaurice, pretty much all human life is here.

With the odd exception. Such as ramble chat champion GG.

Having decided to take the podcast onto The Whale stage, after an invite from the mighty Ross McParland, Andrea was more than a little stunned when that first show sold out weeks ahead of its January 30th debut. There are currently 45 people on the cancellation list.

Still, with a title like Is Sea Swimming The New Kale?, how could anyone resist? Especially when you’ve got Ruth Fitzmaurice, Susan Steele and the Flynnstones on the panel.

Two more shows, Do We Really Need Another Guru? and an as-yet-unnamed look at the fitness craze, are already lined up for February 27th and March 26th, the format being Andrea and a trio of guests who might just have a lot to say on the subject to hand.

In the meantime, Andrea is busy putting the finishing touches to his latest Open Mic night for local young talent at The Hot Spot tonight. Where the man has even put up one of his old electric guitars and an amp as a raffle prize. And dragged The Sax Pistols out of rehab.

Ahead of that blast of teenage wildlife, we sat down at The Happy Pear with the town’s sunny Italian yin to Tomasso’s grumpy yang to find out more…

You can find out more about Social Fabric here, and about their upcoming Whale shows right about here, plus that Mindfulwest Run in April on Instagram here. You can also find out more about Andrea’s hatred of Greystones here.

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