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September 14, 2017
It’s A Wonderful Dog’s Life
July 9, 2017

Well, it’s a fine howdy-doody when you realise that a bunch of 14-year-old girls have a much busier, and better, social life than you.

Ever since they topped the public vote in the town’s first-ever Stepping Stones: Battle Of The Bands back in May, GG has been trying to get the five members of Taken in one place at the same time to record their winning song.

It only took two months.

Hey, it’s the summer, and Tara, Anastasia, Katie, Kate and Emily not only had to get those pesky school exams out of the way, but, hey, there was also the Gaeltacht. And the parties. And the summer camps. And jet-setting to Vegas to play the tables. Probably.

So, it was good to finally catch up with the five girls this weekend, along with studio wiz Eoin Whitfield and the town’s top videographer, Robin J. Kavanagh, to finally get Hope recorded professionally.

As Eoin heads into his basement to make sure his captured that magic Taken moment just so, and Robin locks himself away in the editing suite to create Taken’s first-ever video, we swung by unannounced on Saturday to catch the girls in action…

Made possible by the Greystones Municipal District and Greystones 2020, you can check out all the wonderful entries for this year’s Stepping Stones: Battle Of The Bands- including Judges Prize winners, Feuds – right here.