HSE Secure Shoreline As Covid Vaccination Centre

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February 22, 2021
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February 24, 2021
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HSE Secure Shoreline As Covid Vaccination Centre

fter the on-again, off-again, was-never-actually-on shenanigans with Charlesland Golf Club, it would appear a Greystones Covid vaccination centre has been secured.

Just announced this morning, the HSE have signed on the dotted line with Shoreline Leisure on Mill Road.

Commenting on the arrangement, CEO of Shoreline, Dominic Gunshehan, said, “We are proud to assist the HSE in any way with the rollout of the Covid vaccination programme.

“It’s a great honour that this facility will be used for the safe and efficient vaccination of our local community. The Double Sports Hall located within Shoreline is the ideal venue to carry out the most important function it has ever been called upon to complete.”

Well, that put the 2017 Greystones Baton Twirlers Championships in its place.

You can find out more about the HSE’s Covid-19 vaccination rollout schedule here.