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May 30, 2020
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May 28, 2020

It was probably the shock announcement by the town’s reigning ice cream champs last July that they were thinking of packing up and moving on that threw us for a loop.

How else to explain our failure to run Greystones’ annual Best Ice Cream vote in 2019…?

The fact that we’ve only just realised reflects how busy we’ve been, and how old and frazzled GG’s brain has become. On the plus side, Something Nice are still with us, and this year, a few new contenders for the town’s best 99 have entered the race.

Up in Delgany, the Firehouse Bakery gang have hit the ground running with their new takeaway service, and they’ve been joined this past week by Mark at The Village Store in Killincarrig.

Add to that Joe Sweeney’s, Spendlove’s, Giulio’s and Aunty Nellie’s, as well as the much-loved Mooch and the soon-come Gino’s Gelato, and sure, as always, we chubby little Greystonians are spoilt for choice.

So, take your time. Sample each and every option. At least twice. And then vote for your favourite 99 in the comments below. And you could win yourself 20 free 99s at the winning ice cream emporium. BOOM!

A big, big thanks to D:Res Properties too, for sponsoring this year’s Póg Mo Cone competition, helping young GG to keep on livin’ la vida sofa…


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  1. Kenneth says:

    Something nice, without a doubt – I bring my son there every weekend and he loves their ice cream and the service is excellent too. Kenneth

  2. Ana Navarro says:

    Somethings Nice!, the best ice creams and the best Affogato that I have tried.

  3. Evie says:

    Something Nice is my favourite

  4. Phil says:

    Something Nice!

  5. helen barron says:

    Something Nice !

  6. Ciaran McGettigan says:

    Great ice cream and great people

  7. Rory Cowan says:

    My favourite ice cream shop in Dublin is, Something Nice, Greystones. I like my ice cream and it has a lovely selection of delicious homemade ones. Something Nice is simply the best!

  8. Jono says:

    Something Nice!

  9. Keith says:

    Something Nice

  10. Amy Carroll says:

    Something Nice 100%

  11. Sarah says:

    Something nice!

  12. Louise hatton says:

    Village stores by far

  13. Olga says:

    Village store

  14. Mathilde says:

    Spendlove all the way. Always.

  15. Barry Freeney says:

    Village Store.

  16. Suzanne Halligan says:

    Mark, villige stores, his ice cream is yum

  17. Suzanne Halligan says:

    Mark at Villages Stores, just love there ice cream yum yum

  18. eilish morrissey says:

    Spendloves 🙂

  19. Jack says:

    Village Stores for definite

  20. Roisin says:

    The Village Store

  21. Katie says:

    Village store by far

  22. Susan Starke says:

    We vote for Dellboy and Rodney at the village store! My kids love it!

  23. Lea Finn says:

    Mark @ the village store 🙂

  24. Karolina says:


  25. Cheryl Furney says:

    Sometimes Nice really Good 99

  26. Cheryl Furney says:

    Sometimes Nice 4 votes family all liove 99s

  27. David Murphy says:

    Somthing Nice really creamy 99 fantastic

  28. Marie Lee says:

    Spendlove for the best ice cream

  29. Sarah says:

    in our family of 5:
    Spendloves 4
    Something Nice 1

  30. Sarah Watchorn says:

    in our family of 5:
    Spendloves 4
    Something Nice 1

  31. Rachel says:

    Spendlove’s by far!!! Such creamy icecream and a lovely atmosphere! I feel so at home there and their icecream can’t be beaten! Supporting small Irish businesses!

  32. Caroline Donegan says:

    Spendloves do the best ice cream !!!

  33. Georgina Kirwan says:

    Spendloves all the way, consistently brilliant everytime

  34. Something nice is the best.
    Not full of sugar

  35. Ian Bennett says:

    The homemade ice cream from Something Nice cannot be beaten.They have a great range of flavours and toppings.Their Niceday tub is to die for !

  36. Kim Shanley says:

    Something Nice should win it again. Not just the ice cream, but they do a dairy free homemade sorbet that is unbelievably good, with different flavours. Winning might sway them to stay put!

  37. Bronagh Bonner says:

    Firehouse gets my vote for ice-cream this year.

    • Ian Bennett says:

      The homemade ice cream from Something Nice cannot be beaten.They have a great range of flavours and toppings.Their Niceday tub is to die for !

  38. Paul says:

    And de vote is open…