I’m Sitting At The Railway Station…

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I’m Sitting At The Railway Station…

When someone told GG there was a new book advising people about the wonders of Wicklow, we were somewhat shocked to be told that there are other spots outside of Greystones worth visiting in the county.

So, we were more than happy to meet up with the author of Wicklow Bound, Kilcoole schoolteacher and happy wanderer Seán Ó Suilleabháin, to find out more about this rather curious suggestion.

bus-out-of-bray-cliff-walk-18oct16-34-copyTurns out, hey, there are other spots worth checking out in this particular neck of the luscious woods.

Recommending the best Wicklow sites and sights to visit on a month by month basis, alongside some beautiful photographs of our county [courtesy of Chris Corlett, Shay Connolly, John Murphy and the author himself], you’ll fine local history, interestings facts on Irish flora and fauna, literary references, insights and, hey, a comprehensive index. Seán has also put together a five-day itinerary for touring east and south Wicklow, starting with, of course, a trek along The Cliff Walk from Bray to Greystones. Where you should stay for the remaining four days, if you’re smart.

If you’re lucky, out on your travels, you might even meet Seán and his wife, Emma, who spend much of their time walking the hills of Wicklow. You can ask him his Top 20 reasons why Greystones is the super-bestest place in the whole of Wicklow.

He could only come up with nineteen when we met him… 

You can order this fine €15 book through publishers Wordwell right here, and on Amazon here. Better still, go grab it in your local bookshop. 

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