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Imagine There’s No Beatles

Those incredibly lazy-ass fecks over at Greystones Film Club have finally gotten around to adding some more big-screen bliss to the coming weeks.

And, to be fair, they’ve chosen a rather fab and very groovy movie to reawaken the town with.

Which is perhaps unsurprising, given that their recent Aretha Franklin and Amélie nights, plus the Leonard Cohen documentary and Toy Story 4 screenings all selling out well in advance.

For November’s New Cinema outing, Richard Curtis and Danny Boyle team up for the Beatles-based comedy Yesterday (UK/PG/116mins), screening on Thursday, November 14th…

And what a gift of a premise what would the world of music be like if The Fab Four had never existed…?

Well, Richard Curtis – the man behind Four Weddings & A Funeral, Notting Hill and Love, Actually – runs with the chilling idea of, hey, imagining there’s no Beatles, and let’s a struggling young singer/songwriter wake up from concussion to a strange new world where no one else has ever heard of John, Paul, George & Ringo.

Mimesh Patel is perfectly cast as the wide-eyed fifth Beatle, whilst Lily James once again sparkles as his best friend. And twisting reality that little bit further, Ed Sheeran plays himself, keen to help this overnight sensation get his remarkable songs out into the world…

The Greystones Film Club have put Macca and Ringo on the guest list. Just in case they’re not busy that night.

As usual, the €10 admission for these big-screen wonders at The Whale comes with a free kids snackbox (fresh popcorn, sweets and a drink) or an adult popcorn. Just for that extra Buzz. You can grab your tickets for Yesterday right over here. But, you know, do it today.

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