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March 17, 2021
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March 11, 2021

egular as clockwork, the bould Alison Bates is down at Greystones harbour every Thursday, from 8am to 2pm, with the freshest of fish.

Then again, the Bates family have a long, long history as fishmongers.

And they’ve got the fishing trawlers heading out of Kilmore Quay every Wednesday to prove it.

So, clearly, Alison and co know what they’re doing.

With an extensive range of fresh fish on offer, you can grab yourself a crab, take a hake, chow down on some chowder, make your life hunky dory with some John Dory, pull a mussel, handle a haddock or dress up as the Irish Billy Ray Cyrus with a red mullet on your head.

Handily, you can make sure Alison has your fish of choice by pre-ordering on 0873670217 – so your dinner is ready and waiting for you come Thursday.

And should Thursday not work for you, Alize Fish is also in sunny Bray every Friday, 8am to 1pm, outside Get Fresh.

You can follow Alison’s sea-based shenanigans over on Facebook here, and get in touch directly on or 0873670217.