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March 17, 2020
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March 15, 2020

Yep, it’s that time of year once again when we each have to say a very, very, very big thank you to the woman who gave us womb and board all those years ago.

Of course, most people feel it should be Mother’s Day every day – especially if you are an actual mother –  but, but until that particular referendum gets underway, we’ll just have to settle with March 22nd.

Which, as you no doubt already know, is next Sunday.

So, time to get your thinking cap on, and your communion money out, so you can be sure you have something special lined up for that someone very, very special in your life.

Naturally, with the town – and the whole countryin lockdown as we battle the spread of Covid-19, you’ll have to be a little more inventive than usual this year.

And it’s hard to go wrong with the glory that is The Gift Voucher. If your mum has a favourite shop, restaurant or hang-out around here, a gift voucher will have them looking even more forward to a time when we can all roam freely about the land. All our neighbours below will be more than happy to sort you out – just get in touch… 

There’s also the option of having your fine Mother’s Day slap-up meal at home. Who wouldn’t love a fine takeaway meal from one of our very, very fine eateries? From The Hungry Monk and Chakra to Buoys Kitchen, from Daata to Joker’s, there’s something for every pocket, and every belly.

And for the mother who likes to tidy herself up every now and then, sure, if it ain’t selling coffee around here, chances are, you’ve walked into a beauty HQ or one sort or another. You can grab vouchers from pretty much all of them, from Up To My Eyes to Beauty By Shelly, and the many, many others inbetween.

And if looking good is the key, Sheena Griffin Photography have a Mother’s Day Special, wherein a €75 Family Portrait Session comes with a free €75 framed print. Or you can grab a gift voucher, and automatically get 50% extra value added. For nada. Free. BOOM!

And momma can dress like the queen that she is with a voucher from Escape, Pretty Woman, Azur or the rest of the glamour gang.

On the gift front, Lorient have a whole range of groovy Mother’s Day gifts for under a tenner, and plenty of beautiful ones over a tenner too.

There’s also that old reliable, a great big bunch of flowers – and if you want that bouquet made with tender loving care by a true lover of flowers – as opposed to a six-year-old Korean boy – pop along to Andrew in Cottage Flowers, bringing a little class and style to Killincarrig each and every day. Bar Mondays

And if your mum happens to be a bit of a culture vulture, what could be sweeter than a gift voucher to The Whale, giving the old dear a night out to really look forward to? Which is what it’s all about during this fecker lockdown.

And if your mum’s a bit of a hippy, there’s also The Hot Spot, and The Happy Pear have everything from hampers to Easter eggs and books. Prices start at €10, so, do the righteous thing, brother.

On the gift front in Greystones, there’s plenty to choose from too, Greystones boasting a fine selection of jewellery, fashion and damn fancy goods. And pretty much all of them are online, of course.

For the former, it’s hard to beat AMOC, who deliver unique, hand-crafted pieces right before your eyes. For the day that’s in it, Martina and co have created a Mother & Child pendant. Made in silver, 9ct yellow, white and rose gold, and 18ct yellow and white gold, the large heart symbolises the mother and the small hearts symbolise the offspring. Available with or without a diamond.

And if you’re looking for original pieces of art, down at The Boat Yard Gallery you’ll find a plethora of local crafts in the main gallery. James tells us that, during the lockdown, he’s working away most days upstairs in the workshop. And he’s posted all their Mother’s Day goodies in a Facebook gallery here.

When it comes to fancy goods, three shops tend to rule the roost around here, the award-winning Brooke & Shoals always packing something powerful and personal enough to show that you really care, and that you really have class, mum. As always, follow the link to find out how best to connect with Alison & co

Just up around the corner, Concepts full-to-bursting with gift ideas. Everything from scarves to jewellery, from ornaments to framed original prints, there’s something for even the most finicky of mums here.

So, get that declaration of love and life-long adoration sorted now. Otherwise, your life is going to be a living hell. For at least 12 months.

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