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April 17, 2015
The Hot Spot Music Club
April 21, 2015

Yep, it’s that time of year when pops can do pretty much as he pleases for one whole day, and be treated like the Sun God that he is.

And if your dad is looking for a little respect and adoration this Father’s Day, there are plenty of treats on offer in Greystones that should have the grumpy old goat actually smiling.

They say a good way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and given that we’re a foodie town, sure, this Sunday, June 16th, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to taking dad out for a slap-up meal. From Joker’s to The Hungry Monk, and about 25 eateries inbetween, there’s something for every taste and budget in Greystones. Heck, Chakra even put together a special Father’s Day menu.

And if the man’s got a sweet tooth, Aunty Nellie’s have put together special Father’s Day Sweetie Trays. Yum!

You could also treat the man to a night out on the town, with gift vouchers from The Whale a rockin’ good way to let the man himself choose. You can also check out The Hot Spot, and see what hippy trip down memory lane they have coming up. Or you could simply buy him ten tipples behind the bar of his favourite Greystones pub.

For the sporty dad, there are clubs aplenty – including, of course, some award-winning golf courses and our grand old sailing club and rowing club. On the gift front, there’s Sports Direct for the man who’s keen to show off his muscles and skills, plus, a plethora of groovy gyms – including summer pilates with Anne and Platinum, along with the new Power-Rowing down at the harbour – and, for the more spiritual man, Happy Pear courses, Luisne love, Reiki indulgences, Qi Gong and Solar Sound Healing classes, relaxing yoga, and a little dance meditation with the bould Sherron.

There are also good old-fashion, wrap-it-up-I’ll-take-it gifts in the town too, with the likes of Concepts and Lorient having all kinds of cool curiosities and pocket gems to choose from, Pretty Woman have a fancy presentation box of six groovy socks for €35, and Greystones Antiques full of golden oldies (including that exclusive Gary Paine book, of course!), original pieces of art in The Boat Yard Gallery, order an exclusive piece by The Word Bird, there are books galore in, yep, the Greystones Book Shop, and that old devil called booze available in SuperValu, O’Brien’s, La Touche Wines, Tesco and beyond.

There’s oodles more, of course, and we’ll be adding any specials in the town to the list as the big day approaches. Suffice to say, a great big hug on Father’s Day is all your dad really wants. And a gift of no less than €25 in value.

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