Indicators To Be Introduced To Delgany

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March 14, 2019
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Indicators To Be Introduced To Delgany

Despite the fact that their recent Parking On A Corner Makes You A Dick workshop was ill-attended, Wicklow County Council have decided to press ahead with trying to introduce Delgany drivers to the indicator. 

As anyone who has had the misfortune to be anywhere near the village main street during a school run will testify, that little orange flashing light is a rare and exotic sight indeed.

So much so that, the sudden flash of an indicator can often send the average Delgany driver into a panic, thus adding another layer of confusion to their already haphazard and dangerous driving.

Running every Tuesday evening, from 7pm to 9pm, in The Horse & Hound airport lounge, local drivers will first be introduced to the definition and history of the indicator before, on the second week, being witness to one single orange flash.

“The hope is that, over the six weeks,” offers Wicklow County Council’s motor vehicle safety officer, Robert Piston, “the Delgany driver will grow accustomed to the flashing orange light, and then, in a second six-week course in May, we’ll help them find where the indicator switch is situated in their own car.”

With the third and final workshop being held in the bumper car rink at July’s Seafront Fun Fair in Bray, it’s hoped that, once successful, those taking part may pass on their knowledge of the indicator to the next generation. “And then, that generation can pass on the knowledge to the next, and so on,” concluded Piston, before looking wistfully off into the distance.

“The dream is that, one day, somewhere in the next 50 or 60 years, it might just be safe to cross the road on Delgany main street.”

Were you there the day a reasonably-priced car was spotted in Delgany…?

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  1. Bert O’Loochie says:

    New houses in the Arms’ car park and the ‘Arms open again for business. Cars, bars, guitars… Rapture!

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