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February 25, 2019
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January 10, 2019

In hindsight, it was lucky that a dose of Monday morning drowsiness saw GG forget to turn our phone off for this little video chinwag with Dermot Dunne.

One third of groovy genre hoppers The Far Flung Trio, this fine accordion player was halfway through trying to make sense of one of GG’s trademark rambling questions when a girl on a train rang about Max.

Turns out everyone’s favourite Guide dog had wondered off from outside Café Gray and, nudged on by that incessant wind, had hopped on a Dart. And was now hurtling through Dalkey, on his way into town.

And so, the interview had to be abandoned, as Max and his two new bestest friends alighted at Glenageary train station, and we got the next Dart into town to go rescue the big feckin’ eejit.

It meant that we never quite got to finish our chat with Dermot, who, along with Katherine Hunka and Malachy Robinson, will be tackling Sergei Prokofiev’s 1936 symphonic fairy tale for kids, Peter & The Wolf, this Saturday in The Whale, at 3pm, followed later that evening by their regular eclectic set, mixing the likes of Gershwin and Stravinksky with music from Irish jazz nut Ronan Guilfoyle and, hey, one Malachy Robinson.

They may come with heavy, heavy monster pedigrees – violinist Hunka is leader of The Irish Chamber Orchestra, Robinson one of its long-standing members – but The Far Flung Trio know the beauty of keeping it light. Hence the eccentric mix of classical, choros, jazz, folk and whatever-you’re-having-yourself. There are only two types of music, after all. Music with soul, and music without.

So, thanks to that wandering mutt, our interview this morning may have been cut mercifully short, but, hey, what matter – as young Dermot points out here, it’s all about the intoxicating joy of playing music. Even on accordion.

You can check out The Far Flung Trio’s Peter & The Wolf matinee at The Whale on Saturday, January 12th here, and their evening show later that same day here. You can also find out more about the band on Facebook here.

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