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November 6, 2018
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November 7, 2018

After their recent triumph with The Diary Of Anne Frank, those clever, creative kids at Temple Carrig School have put together another stage production.

And this time, it’s an examination of how the brave new world facing teenagers today comes with a whole new world of responsibility.

The play is called Beneath The Leaves, and, as one character, Leah, ponders, “If you change one thing, you can change the whole world – do you believe that…?”

Here’s director Eoghan Cleary with more info…

Mr Cox’s key focus for the school this year is responsibility and how we as students, teachers and parents can cultivate a culture of responsibility in ourselves, each other and our community. This year the young people of Temple Carrig Theatre Club undertook a play that addresses this concept in a way that has challenged them in every way a play can challenge a group of actors.

Based on Denis Kelly’s play, DNA, the students adapted it to explore the issues they felt most needed to be addressed by our community at this time. This included the nature of friendship, pressure from peers, pressure from parents, relationship pressures, social media, fame, the effect of smart phones, the experiences of LGBT young people, alcohol and drug abuse, self harm, suicide, mental health, manipulation and morality. By this process, Beneath the Leaves has become a highly complex play that examines the question of responsibility when a group of ordinary teenagers are faced with an extraordinary situation.

To approach a play filled with these issues is challenging even for a professional group of adult actors. It demands understanding, commitment, dedication, passion and trust. It demands that the actors trust that the play will work, that the rehearsals will pay off, that the other members of the cast can be depended upon and that together they will achieve the production of an engaging, fun and important piece of theatre.

Our cast is entirely adolescent and they have proven once again that age is no indication of ability, that success is limited only by the limitations of our expectations and that if our attitude is right, there is no barrier too high, no dream too fantastical and no challenge too great for any of us.

The young people on stage tonight have succeeded in turning what was, only a few short weeks ago, mere words on a page into what is now a feature length performance packed full of drama, intrigue, conflict, humour, heartbreak and murder. They have poured hours of their hearts, minds and souls into this play and it has shown us that we can, in fact, do anything if we can just learn to trust in each other, believe in ourselves, take responsibility for the part we must play… and learn our lines!

Taking place at Temple Carrig School from Monday, November 11th to Thursday 15th, at 7.30pm each night, the junior cast will tackle the play on the Monday & Wednesday, the senior cast on Tuesday & Thursday.

Not suitable for children under 12, tickets are €10, or €7 for students, and can be purchased at the school’s reception. You can visit the TCG website here.

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