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April 29, 2019
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March 3, 2019

You would have to hope that pretty much no one in their right – or left – mind would be influenced by a shiny poster stuck high up on a lamppost.

Has anyone ever changed their vote based on a glossy A3 staring out at them from a hedge…?

And then there’s the little matter of not only the eyesore aspect but also the litter, as a few posters inevitably break free of their ties. Or candidates simply don’t bother bringing them all back home.

So, with local elections due to hit the country in May, Wicklow and Arklow town councils have just sent out a plea to candidates to simply not bother with such old-school powers of persuasion.

It’s something that Greystones town council will hopefully consider too. At the very least, we could elect a designated noticeboard at either end of the town, with candidates allowed one poster each to stake their claims and beam that photoshopped smile.

It would show a willingness to think of the town above themselves. And it would also give Greystones Tidy Towns a few lie-ins too.

Update: Happy to report that Greystones Municipal District councillors heard the cry, and have called for a ban on posters in town and village centres. In Greystones, from the Medical Centre to Rathdown Road, including the harbour and seafront; in Delgany, from Delgany Wood roundabout to the village centre, and from Delgany National School to the N11 junction; in Kilcoole, from the community centre at Lott Lane to Coláiste Chraobh Abhann, and all of Sea Road; in Newcastle, from the Watchtower premises at the south end to the junction with Church Road.


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  1. Gemma Kinsella says:

    Yes…. It was time years ago… Considering Wicklow Council have signed the Climate Action Charter, you would think they would have clearly been banned. I’d love to say I wont vote for anyone if I see they have a poster up, but i fear I would have no one to vote for. Its not like they haven’t had enough time to come up with a better idea.. If you’re out and about working for the community.. there is no need to have your face plastered all over every pole in Wicklow. If you’re not.. you have no right to run for election.

  2. Paddy Lynch says:

    Yes indeed please ban these eyesores