Win Gino’s Gelato Goodies!
July 29, 2020
All Quiet On The Western Front
August 4, 2020

Back in January 2019, we decided to do a little headcount when it came to java joints on Greystones’ main drag.

Mainly because, even then, the town was steadily morphing into Greystuccino.

Jump back 18 months, and there were 27 spots along Church Road where one could get your daily coffee kick

And if we lost oneThree Qs – since then, we gained another in Camile. And another in Bailey & Pim. And Sonny’s. And, just last week, The Fat Fox.

Oh, and this Saturday, Gino’s Gelato will be joining the macchiato madness.

All of which tells us that, hey, when it comes to opening a main street business in Greystones, whatever you’re selling, it better come with coffee, my fat friend.

With the Restaurant Formerly Known Three Q’s being ostensibly a big ass kitchen with an ultra-cosy closet space up front, it would seem inevitable that this vacant plot will remain food-orientated and coffee-toting.

And across from The Happy Pear, the swanky new Waverly premises grabbed itself a restaurant licence, after Camile jumped ship to Mount View at the 11th hour. So, expect another eaterie there, just as soon as a restaurateur with €100,000 a year to spare comes marching over Bray Head.

Which begs the questions – now that Stephen Donnelly has vacated that little cottage beside the train station, eh, who, why, where from, when and what the frick? And will they be selling the oul’ Nescafe Gold?

We’ve put out an APB, but, so far, no joy. If you’re closer to the backroom shenanigans here, please, do let us know. And please, try and convince the proprietors to be of a different line of business.

The new Scuffils, a mini-Heatons, a portrait studio, a shoe repair shop, a sex shop, a two-bedroom hotel – anything! Just, for the love of George Clooney, no more coffee!!

Update: It’s going to be Y & Co ladies boutique, courtesy of Designer Xchange’s Yvonne Osan! Free coffee with every skirt, she assures us.