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Is Your Job Not Working For You…?

Works is indeed the curse of the drinking classes, and being happy in your job can go a long, long way to keeping you happy at home too.

Luckily, in this particular neck of the woods, there’s employment aplenty on offer – and that means, that dream job is that little bit easier to find.

With Greystones-based Storm Recruitment doing a fine job of bringing together a plethora of groovy options on the jobs front – you can check them all out here – and the likes of Andrea and Justin spearheading a new hot desk initiative, working close to home has never been easier.

And if skill isn’t your thing, hey, The Happy Pear changes staff every 25 minutes or so.

And just to help you find that perfect home-away-from-home – with free internet and free coffee! – our long-standing Vacancies section is a free listing of any and every job currently on offer in this rockin’ town and just beyond.

So, no excuses. If you really, really, really want to tell your boss to shove, right here is your chance.