It’s Almost As Though The Indo Wants Us To Kick Its Ass

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August 21, 2016
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It’s Almost As Though The Indo Wants Us To Kick Its Ass

Summer Fun at Greystones Harbour
It was only a matter of weeks ago that they sent some eejit to spend a Perfect Day In Wicklow – and the only mention Greystones got was for a takeaway pizza.

Caroline Galligan Art DannsAnd now the Indo have gone one better with their Sunday Living article highlighting the finest of Ireland’s seaside towns when it comes to grub, pubs and the humble ice-cream cone.

And, eh, Greystones doesn’t even get a mention this time.

What the feckin’ holy feck to feck is going on here?

Joe Sweeney Chips Champions 2015 6th Oct 2015 28 (848x1280)Young Emily Hourican bounces all over the country, from bothering dolphins off the coast of Ardmore beach in Waterford to scoffing down locally reared lambs in Youghal, from getting all hot and bothered with Carlingford oysters in Howth to local handmade cream at Murphys in Dingle. And not once does she stop for a pint, or a chip, or a feckin’ scone, in Greystones.

Ah, Jaysus, what’s going on here? Are they just trying to appease the culchies here?

I reckon that, until they get their act together and give Greystones a fair crack of the thumbs up for these happy travel pieces, we all buy The Irish Times.

Or, better still, just read the Guide.

We’re completely unbiased. Completely.


  1. Jackie says:

    Why, oh why is your language so juvenile? It is just painful to read what is interesting but so badly put together. Come on, grow up, surprise us with some readable copy!

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