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July 10, 2019
You Votin’ For Me…?
September 17, 2019

You can tell by the big smiles on their happy little faces that the new Greystones Community National School is coming along very nicely.

When school board honchos Jennifer Whitmore, Rory Kinane and Fran Hunt paid a visit this week, all that hard work and banging Department Of Education heads suddenly seemed worth it.

Having begun in November of last year, the workers have come a long way, baby, with the sheer scale of the town’s new school truly hitting home here. Especially when someone really short like Whitmore stands next to it.

Talking of which, here’s Jen with the weather…

I got a sneak preview, with Rory and Fran, of the new Greystones Community National School in Charlesland on Tuesday. And it looks fab! Lovely big rooms with lots of light, a library on the third floor that will have the best views ever, and an amazing huge assembly hall.

What’s especially nice for me personally is that lobbying for this new school was one of the first political campaigns I became involved in, and now as Chair of the CNS, I get to see the building become a reality. This school will be a great addition to the Greystones school community and I look forward to seeing it grow over the coming years.

Vote Whitmore, no.1! It is indeed great to see another school being added to the town. Now, if we could get, oh, five more, we’d be rockin’.

You can check out the full plans for the Greystones Community National School here.

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