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June 30, 2021
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June 27, 2021

e’s been a big part of the Guide since the very beginning, shining a light on the town’s everyday people…

From fun days to Paddy’s Day, from the Christmas Day swim to our pubs and restaurants reopening, John McGowan was always there.

With his trusty camera by his side.

That John has recently been popping in and out of hospital a little more often that he would like though has brought the Crowe Abbey Kodachrome king to the point where he now realises that he truly needs to take a break.

Pic: Gerry Kelly

And so, from his current hospital bed, John has sent us the following message to share…

On July 19th, I will be 71, and over the past 3 year I have suffered with my health, kidney & heart problems.

I have now decided to retire from event, wedding, party and christening photography, etc.

I wish to thank all those smiling people who allowed me to snap their moment in time. especially the kids of Greystones and beyond. It was always my pleasure to attend a public event to photograph the goings on.

A huge thanks to Paul Byrne for publishing thousands of my photos and to Margaret Traynor for first publishing then on the Greystones Guide.

I am composing this note to Paul from an ICU bed. I am also suffering a broken ankle – so,is it really time to slow down.

Thanks to everyone who liked and commented on my photos and those who hired me for their special event.

And an especially big thanks to my wife, Kathryn, and our three wonderful kids, for supporting me.

John Mc Gowan (previously Pixbyjohn)

The town – and the Guide – won’t be the same without him.

Here’s to a healthy and happy retirement, John. And thanks for all the timeless memories…