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Just A Teenage Dirtbag, Baby

When posts starting popping up yesterday about teenagers in Bray deliberating coughing on the elderly and the vulnerable before running away, we weren’t too sure if such stupidity could actually be true.

Even when the local media starting throwing exclamation marks at the posts, claiming that it was all part of a new Corona Challenge TikTok craze, we were hopeful that this was just tabloid nonsense.

And then, this morning, it was announced that a Dungarvan teenager had been arrested in Waterford for doing just that. Coughing in stranger’s faces.

Closer to home, local woman Jo Doyle spoke of being repeatedly intimidated by a bunch of teens on Greystones seafront as she and her partner were out for a cycle on Monday.

And just this afternoon, Simon Harris TD revealed that a couple had, as he walked to Government Buildings yesterday, coughed loudly in his face before running off, laughing. “Can we please look at what’s happening in Italy and elsewhere in the European Union,” the Greystones TD stated at a press conference earlier today, “where we’re seeing several hundred people a day dying of a virus that can be deadly to certain people in our population?”

Speaking of the current wave of such incidents, Harris continued, “It is generally older people who are targeted. Just think if it was your own granny, grandad, mother, father, your own friend with an underlying health condition like cystic fibrosis.

“The Irish people have been absolutely amazing in relation to this national challenge we’re all going through. But anything that takes off on social media will have to be dealt with the full rigours of all of the powers the State has.”

It makes you wonder what kind of fucks are out there that, during a time when an increasing number of people are dying, here and around the world, due to the spread of Covid-19, this kind of behaviour would be part of anyone’s thinking.

Here’s hoping these were one-off occurrences and that, their stupidity having been dragged out into the light, those involved will now think twice.

Naturally, should you witness anyone, anywhere, deliberately coughing in another person’s face, feel free to go kick forty shades of shit out of them.

Just make sure your hygiene mask doesn’t shake loose. And that there are no holes in your shoes.

You can follow the latest on the Covid-19 battle – including Greystones’ response – here.

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  1. Kathleen Kelleher says:

    Young people, who are socially abusing people, grow up !!
    Don’t be so childish.
    Would you cough and spit into your mother or your father’s faces ??
    Cough or spit into your grandparents’ faces ??
    Or your friends’ faces ??

    What goes around, comes around.
    Coronavirus is very very contagious.
    Many young people are already suffering, don’t be one of them.

    You could be the cause of spreading this very serious disease.
    Or you could get the virus yourself.
    You will then have to list your contacts.
    How many friends will you have then ??
    Will they thank you for making them sick ??

    Stay safe, stay home, use social media to keep in touch.

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