Just Who Is Greystones’ Most Beautiful Baby…?

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June 16, 2016
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June 17, 2016
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Just Who Is Greystones’ Most Beautiful Baby…?

Yep, we’re a prolific lot, us Greystonians, with every new year throwing up a whole new batch of sprightly, spirited and, of course, spectacular sprogs.

And that’s why our annual search for Greystones Most Beautiful Baby has returned.

In 2015, the cute cupid that is Keyarra Bigler romped home with the prize, her proud-as-punch parents Stephen and Joanna pretty darn happy with their coveted cutie pie certificate.

In 2016, it was the serene Olivia Goggin [left] who toddled away with the prize, with the proud parents this time being Grace and Karl.

And now the search is on for Greystones Most Beautiful Baby 2017? Could it be your little oval-faced offspring? Your chubby little cherub?

The criteria is simple enoughborn in the last six months of 2016 or during 2017, or – hey! – conceived in 2017, baby! We’re one big happy family here at GG when it comes to who can join the party.

We left the vote this late for two reasons – one, to let those cherubs born at the very end of 2017 get over their Frank Doyle fresh-out-of-the-womb look, and two, because we’ve been incredibly busy these past few months. And we actually meant to get this up in September.

Send your baby images, along with the baby’s name, date of birth, your own name and contact details, to info@greystonesguide.ie. We’ll have a groovy prize for the winning baby on December 16th, but, more importantly, we’ll have that framed Greystones Most Beautiful Baby 2017 certificate for you to carry with you to every dinner party, wedding and seaside stroll.

And this year, we’re even allowing babies with red hair. Maybe.

Just vote for your favourite in the comments below. Comments appear after a quick bouncer check…  

Jan Purcell

Rian Banfield

Sky River Jones

Julian Krzeminski

Harleigh Doyle

Harper Moloney (with big sis Ella)

Joshua-James Tighe

Max Loftus

Henry Ballout

Joni O’Connell

Luna Martin

Sadie Kelly

Naya Rose Sloper

Abigail ‘Abbie’ O’Loughlin

Georgia Duffy

Holly Heffernan

Amelia Rose Mulligan

Noah O’Byrne

Luke McKenna

Dani Tighe O’Keeffe

Olivia-Harper Burns

Freddie Mullen

Faye Hewitt

Callum Duffy

Sophia Kavanagh Whyte

Robyn Reidy

George Huzevka

Harry O’Shea

Oisin Toomey

Alfie Byrne

Charlotte Katie Kavanagh

Oscar ‘Ozzy’ McCann

Nathan O’Rourke

Jane Marmo

Harry McLoughlin

Ruadhán O’Gorman

Frank Gillespie

Benny Finn Thompson

Emily Nangle

Ava Rose Starke

Alfie Sutton

Cillian O’Neill

Holly Parslow Nash

Lucas Starke

Oisín O’Neill

Isaac Horan

Liara-Rose McLoughlin

Jack Healy

Leo Howard

Lily-Anne Melia

Olan Mulvaney

Chloe Crammond

Esmeralda Cruickshank

Stella O’Brien

Max Rogers

Nahla Beau Doyle

Send your Beautiful Baby 2017 entries to info@greystonesguide.ie.


  1. Carol Hanna says:

    Sky River Jones

  2. Lando says:

    Rian Banfield

  3. Aisling says:

    Rían Banfield

  4. Bernadette says:

    Rian Banfield

  5. Kevin Banfield says:

    Rían Banfield

  6. Stef keane says:

    Rian! ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. Shona Purcell says:

    Robyn Reidy is definitely a winner! Xxx

  8. Kerrie says:

    Harleigh doyle ❤

  9. Lorraine says:

    I vote for my granddaughter harleigh xx

  10. John says:

    I vote for harleigh Doyle

  11. Dia says:

    Rían Banfield!

  12. Michelle Byrne says:

    Isaac Horan!! Every time!!

  13. Ann says:

    Rian Banfield best boy

  14. Ann says:

    Rian Banfield

  15. Tom says:

    Rían Banfield

  16. Ann Bennett says:

    Rían Banfield

  17. debbie cullen says:

    I vote for Rian Banfield

  18. Sarah Jackson says:

    Rian banfield

  19. Amy says:

    Harleigh Doyle

  20. Samantha says:

    I vote for Harleigh Doyle

  21. Katelynd says:

    I vote for harleigh Doyle x

  22. Marianne Eustace says:

    Rian Banfield!!! ❤️❤️

  23. Megan says:

    Rian Banfield ❤️

  24. Claire McGuinness says:

    Rian banfield

  25. Emer Myles says:

    Rian Banfield

  26. Darragh B says:

    Rían Banfield

  27. Emma says:

    Rían Banfield the little dote ♥️

  28. Deborah MacAllister says:

    Rìan Banfield ♥

  29. Joy says:

    Rian Banfield

  30. Aoife says:

    Rian Banfield!

  31. Laura says:

    Rían Banfield ❤️

  32. Stephen Ó Connor says:

    Rian Banfield

  33. Andrea says:

    Rían Banfield

  34. Orla Brady says:

    Freddie Mullen

  35. Saoirse says:

    Joshua James tighe

  36. Lorrainemurray132 @gmail.com says:

    There all so cute but my vote is for Harleigh Doyle little diva xxx

  37. Sebastiaan says:

    MAX !!

  38. Andrew parker says:

    Issac all day

  39. Órla says:

    Harper… But they are all beautiful!

  40. Cliona says:

    Freddie Mullen

  41. Ciara says:

    Joshua-James Tighe

  42. Patrick fisher says:

    Joshua James tighe

  43. Louise says:

    Joshua-James Tighe

  44. Sophie Coogan says:

    Freddie Mullen ❤️

  45. Orla O'Sullivan says:

    Freddie Mullen

  46. Kellie says:

    Joshua James Tighe

  47. Lil Davis says:

    ISAAC HORAN!!!! number 1 xxxx

  48. David Dolan says:

    Isaac horan

  49. Ceoilin Murray says:

    Joshua James Tighe! ❤️❤️

  50. Ruth Hind says:

    Joshua james tighe

  51. Aileen McDonnell says:

    Joshua James Tighe

  52. Wendy Newhouse says:

    Joshua-James Tighe! He is so cute!

  53. Angela McMahon says:

    Joshua James Tighe

  54. Helen says:

    Freddie Mullen. What a dote

  55. Natasha Moylan says:


  56. Lisa Whittle says:

    Joshua James Tighe

  57. Sean Creagh says:

    Joshua James Tighe

  58. Ann says:

    Joshua James Tighe gets my vote.

  59. Michelle Brice says:

    Joshua James Tighe

  60. Jackie says:

    Joshua James Tighe

  61. Lorraine cohen says:

    Voting for joshua_James Tighe xx

  62. Sandra Cheevers says:

    Joshua James Tighe

  63. Michael Jordan says:

    Joshua James Tighe

  64. Samantha Houston says:

    Joshua James Tighe

  65. Niamh doyle says:

    Joshua-James Tighe

  66. Gemma says:

    Freddie mullen ❤❤❤

  67. Elizabeth says:

    Joshua james

  68. Catherine Anne Bulloch says:

    Joshua James Tighe

  69. Sorcha Brogan says:

    Freddie Mullen

  70. Paula byrne says:

    Freddie Mullen <3

  71. Kathleen O Toole Tighe says:

    Joshua James Tighe

  72. Aisling Conroy says:

    Freddie Mullan ❤️

  73. Leanne Herbert says:

    Joshua James

  74. Karl Murphy says:

    Joshua James Tighe

  75. James Tighe says:

    Joshua James Tighe

  76. Nicole Tighe says:

    Joshua James Tighe❤️

  77. Kerrie Breen says:

    Joshua James Tighe

  78. Ailbhe Murray says:

    Joshua-James Tighe ♡

  79. Robyn Browne says:

    Joshua- James Tighe

  80. Justin Tighe says:

    Joshua James tighe

  81. Fiona O'Keefe says:


  82. Jennifer B says:

    Isaac Horan.

  83. Tara says:

    Dani tighe o Keeffe to win

  84. Fran D says:

    isaac horan for the win.

  85. Jean O Gorman says:

    Isaac horan number 1 !!!!!

  86. Sean says:

    Ruadhan o gorman

  87. Harry Martin says:

    Luna Martin

  88. Thomas Klinis says:

    Isaac horan

  89. Annmarie McG says:

    Charlotte Katie Kavanagh gets my vote! Definitely the cutest bubba in town!

  90. Irene says:

    Ruadhan O’Gorman. Cutest little man

  91. Cristina says:

    Luna Martin

  92. Danielle says:

    Dani Tighe O’Keeffe

  93. Christina Ryan says:

    Luna beautiful baby to win

  94. Pamela mason says:

    Luna martin , a little sweety !

  95. Pretty in pink Luna Martin

  96. Karl says:

    Henry Ballout

  97. Lara says:

    Luna Martin No.1!!!

  98. Begoña says:

    I vote for Luna Martin becoyse se is very cute!!!

  99. Sam says:

    Luna Martin !!

  100. Nicholas Byrne says:

    Isaac Horan no.1!

  101. Avril C says:

    Henry Ballout!!!

  102. Mikel says:

    Luna Martin !

  103. Marilu says:

    They are all so cute!!! but I have to give my vote to beautiful Luna Martin.

  104. Kelly says:

    Luna Martin ❤️

  105. Ingrid Darmody says:

    Handsome Freddie Mullin

  106. Hayley Cooper says:

    Henry Ballout ❤

  107. Niall says:

    Freddie Mullen all the way!!

  108. Linda says:

    Naya Rose Sloper,a little beauty!

  109. Orna says:

    Henry Ballout is the most beautiful

  110. Katie says:

    Freddie Mullen!❤️

  111. Cara Doyle says:

    Henry Ballout

  112. Shane Mooney says:

    Henry Ballout

  113. Aisling Farragher says:

    Henry Ballout is a little cutie ❤️

  114. Lisa griffin says:

    Henry ballout

  115. Mary Doyle says:

    Henry Ballout

  116. Damien Ballout says:

    Henry Ballout

  117. Lynne Doyle says:

    Henry Ballout

  118. Emma doyle says:

    Henry Ballout ( cause he is all mine)

  119. Dee says:

    Harry O’Shea

  120. Katie Kelly says:

    Sadie Kelly

  121. John Toner says:

    Sadie kelly

  122. Roisin says:

    Dani Tighe OKeeffe

  123. Kelly O Brien says:

    Isacc H!!!

  124. Susan says:

    Actually they’re all gorgeous. Some super photos in here.

  125. Mary Healy says:

    my vote goes to isaac!!!

  126. Maz Hurley says:

    Miss Sadie Kelly.

  127. Paula Hurley says:

    Sadie Kelly

  128. Niamh says:

    Holly Heffernan

  129. Patrick Murphy says:

    Sweet Sadie Kelly!

  130. Stephanie says:

    Sadie stole my heart!

  131. Ellen says:

    Sadie Kelly

  132. Susan says:

    Sadie Kelly – sweetheart

  133. Sarah-Jane Mullane says:

    Sadie Kelly

  134. Shauna says:

    Sadie Kelly

  135. Sarah-Jane Hand says:

    Sadie Kelly

  136. Nichola king says:

    Freddie Mullen

  137. Lean Conway says:

    I vote for sadie kelly

  138. Colleen Melwani says:

    Sadie Kelly

  139. Sally says:

    Sadie Kelly

  140. Sean Hoctor says:

    Sadie Kelly

  141. Melissa kenny says:

    Charlotte katie Kavanagh

  142. Sarah Tanham says:

    Freddie Mullen

  143. Lesley ballinger says:

    Emily Nangle is beautiful

  144. Crona Ryan says:

    Freddie Mullen

  145. PJ Hoctor says:

    Sadie Kelly

  146. Susan says:

    Sadie Kelly <3

  147. Jen Ward says:

    Sadie Kelly

  148. Orla soden says:

    Sadie Kelly

  149. Antoinette walsh says:

    Freddie Mullen

  150. Brendan says:

    Sadie Kelly

  151. Tatjana says:

    Isaac Horan

  152. Natasha says:

    Benny Finn Thompson

  153. Joe says:

    Freddie Mullen

  154. Hannah murley says:

    Freddie Mullen

  155. Chloe Davidson says:

    Sophia Kavanagh Whyte such a little princess

  156. Freddie Mullen looks so cute. Gets my No 1

  157. David Coughlan says:


  158. Amy Ryan says:

    Freddie mullen

  159. Rebecca says:

    Sophia Kavanagh Whyte

  160. Susan Collins says:

    Freddie mullen

  161. Linda McCormick says:

    Alfie Sutton

  162. Sandra says:

    Freddie Mullen

  163. Freddie Mullen – that cheeky grin

  164. Martina says:

    Freddie Mullen – so cute

  165. Natasha Bailey says:

    Naya Rose Sloper

  166. Gilly bowles says:

    Freddie mullen:-)!!!!!

  167. Niamh Fortune says:

    Freddie Mullen!!!

  168. Claire says:

    Freddie Mullen ❤

  169. Andrew Wilkinson says:

    Freddie Mullen

  170. Deirdre Edgeworth says:

    Freddie Mullen

  171. June O’Byrne says:

    Baby Freddy Mullen

  172. Louise Cole says:

    Freddie Mullen… the cutest little boy I know xxx

  173. Lucy Cleary says:

    Dani Tighe

  174. Isobel says:

    Sadie Hoctor

  175. Laura Jameson says:

    Freddy Mullen

  176. Jason says:

    Freddie Mullen

  177. Paula says:

    Freddie Mullen, awh look at that face

  178. laura molloy says:

    Oisin and cillian o neill gorgeous boys

  179. Fiona says:

    Freddie Mullen

  180. Heather says:

    Awh…. Freddie Mullen

  181. demi mitchell says:

    Freddie Mullen

  182. Niamh O'Sullivan says:

    Freddie Mullen

  183. Eileen Browne says:

    Freddie Mullen

  184. Andrea says:

    Freddie Mullen

  185. Katie says:

    Freddie Mullen

  186. Kerry Gardiner says:

    Freddie Mullen

  187. Natalie says:

    Freddie Mullen

  188. Fiach says:

    Freddie Mullen

  189. Orla Stewart says:

    Freddie Mullen

  190. Eamonn Hughes says:

    Freddie Mullen

  191. Saoirse says:

    Freddie Mullen

  192. Dawn O Brien says:

    Freddie Mullen all the way, gorgeous little boy

  193. Keyth Mc Laughlin says:

    Freddie Mullen

  194. Emma says:

    Freddie Mullen

  195. Jasmine Hett says:

    Freddie Mullen!

  196. Aisling says:

    Freddie Mullen

  197. Yvonne o toole says:

    Freddie mullin

  198. Nicole Ryan says:

    Freddie Mullen

  199. Amanda Astbury says:

    Freddie Mullen

  200. Rey says:

    Freddie Mullen

  201. Jacqueline McManus says:

    Freddie Mullen

  202. Fidelma cleary says:

    Dani tighe

  203. Audrey says:

    Oisin o neill.

  204. Cathy Heffernan says:

    Leo Howard

  205. Anne Muprhy says:

    Isaac Horan .

  206. Lorrie says:

    Oisin O’Neill

  207. Rose Taylor says:

    Jack Healy

  208. Rose Taylor says:

    Callum Duffy

  209. Rose Taylor says:

    cillian o neill

  210. Eoin Nangle-Ryan says:

    Emily Nangle

  211. David O Neil says:

    Isaac H

  212. Jamie o connor says:

    Holly Quinn gets my vote

  213. Lea says:

    Leo Howard 🙂

  214. Kristine campbell says:

    Oisin o neil

  215. Kristine campbell says:

    Cillian o neill

  216. Mary hayden says:

    Cutest little girl has to be Holly Nash such a cute happy little girl ❤️

  217. Evelyn K says:

    Isaac Horan

  218. Mary Hayden says:

    Stunning little boys their smile would brighten anyone’s day….Has to be Oisin & Cillian O`Neill ❤️

  219. Catriona Murphy says:

    Isaac Horan for the win xxx

  220. Lisa Doyle says:

    Nahla Doyle

  221. Aimee tighe says:

    Dani Tighe ó keefe

  222. Ashling Tighe says:


  223. Jacinta Wheatley says:

    Ruadhán O’Gorman, Happiest & gorgeous little man ever

  224. Megan Duncan says:

    Dani ❤

  225. Rita Kelly says:

    Cillian and Oisin O Neill lovely boys

  226. Rita Kelly says:

    Cillian O Neill and Oisin lovely boys

  227. Amelia Rose Mulligan the cutest ever

  228. Raudhan O Gorman is the cutest ❤️

  229. Emma T says:

    Dani is the picture with no name folks ..

  230. karl davis says:

    benny finn thompson

  231. Jacinta Wheatley says:

    Best little man & definitely a cuter!!! Xxxx

  232. Emma says:

    Holly Quinn, her smile lights up her whole face

  233. Maria says:

    Noah O’Byrne

  234. Arlene Walsh says:

    Noah ó Byrne ❤️❤️ little beauty xx

  235. Emily says:

    Noah O’Byrne

  236. Emma says:

    Dani ❤️❤️

  237. Emma says:

    Dani Eileen tighe o Keeffe xx

  238. Emma says:

    Noah O’Byrne !

  239. Laura Brett says:

    Dani tighe o keeffe

  240. Valerie says:

    Dani O’Keeffe

  241. Chrissy Waldron says:


  242. Amanda says:

    Holly Quinn ❤️

  243. Kelley says:

    Dani Tighe O’Keefe

  244. Stephanie Carey says:

    Noah O’Byrne

  245. Anita says:

    Dani is beautiful ❤️❤️

  246. Donna says:

    Dani xx❤️

  247. Ciara says:

    Dani Tighe ó keefe

  248. Jackie says:

    Dani ❤❤

  249. Aisling says:

    Holly Quinn

  250. Janet says:

    Noah O’Byrne

  251. Sandra Donnelly says:

    Ruadhan really stunning and cute

  252. Lavinia Quinn says:

    Holly quinn

  253. Michelle Doyle says:

    Holly Quinn

  254. Joanne perse says:

    Holly Quinn

  255. Shane o bynre says:

    Noah o byrne

  256. Joanna says:

    Ruadhán Gorman.. just adorable ❤

  257. Eddie says:

    Holly Quinn

  258. Laura says:

    Holly Quinn

  259. Danielle says:

    Noah O’Byrne!

  260. Aideen OBrien says:

    Charlotte Katie Kavanagh

  261. Trish Noonan says:

    Charlotte Katie Kavanaugh , she is my favourite………. they are all so cute though!

  262. Fiona Rooney says:

    Nahla Beau Doyle ❤❤❤

  263. Angela O Toole says:

    ISAAC HORAN :)!!!

  264. Karen Hubbard says:

    Aw all so cute but Benny Finn Thompson gets my vote

  265. Tomas says:

    Liara Rose is beautifull baby.

  266. Sophie ryan says:

    Benny finn thompson.. just adorable!!!

  267. Janet Mcmahon says:


  268. Patricia McGuinness says:

    Faye Hewitt all the way

  269. Jessica Farelly says:

    Isaac Horan.

  270. Tony D says:

    Isaac Horan

  271. Janice says:

    Ben y Finn Thompson

  272. Bella says:

    Benny Finn Thompson

  273. Alex Wheatley says:

    Main man Ruadhán O Gorman

  274. Heather says:

    Jack Healy

  275. Kathy Peyton says:

    Benny Finn Thompson

  276. Rob C says:

    Liara-Rose Beautiful & Happy little girl

  277. Noreen Spicer says:

    Olivia Harper Burns. Cutest baby ❤️

  278. Marion says:

    Benny finn Thompson

  279. Clare says:

    Benny Finn Thompson

  280. Brendan Toolan says:

    Frank Gillispie, Vote early and vote often!

  281. Thomas Broden says:

    isaac horan

  282. Kim Ryan says:

    Benny Finn Thompson

  283. Selina Ross says:

    Benny Finn Thompson

  284. Victoria says:

    Ruadhan O’Gorman

  285. Sheila Kiernan says:

    Ruadhán Gorman

  286. Jade Carthy says:

    Callum Duffy

  287. Glenn finn says:

    Benny Finn Thompson

  288. Noleen Byrne says:

    Isaac horan

  289. Moirin oneill says:

    Nahla Doyle

  290. Santa Kapteine says:

    Esmeralda Cruikshank

  291. Geread says:

    Isaac to win!!!!

  292. Sam B says:

    Isaac Horan! so cute 🙂

  293. Martina freeman says:

    Max rogers

  294. Laura Murphy says:

    Faye Hewitt

  295. Kenneth Wheatley says:

    Ruádhan O’Gorman.

  296. peter freeaman says:

    max rodgers

  297. Romi Gray says:

    Ruadhán O’Gorman is my fave. But they all look full of personality.

  298. Aislinn Farrell says:

    Sophia Kavanagh White

  299. Ciara Walsh says:

    Sophia Kavanagh Whyte

  300. B Mc Loughlin says:

    Liara-Rose ❤️❤️❤️

  301. Courtenay Lynch says:

    Ruadhán O’Gorman

  302. Sharleen says:

    Ruadhan o gorman

  303. Helen O'Gorman says:

    Ruadhan O’Gorman

  304. Audrey says:

    Sophie Kavanagh White

  305. Lucie says:


  306. Erica roche says:

    Sophia Kavanagh Whyte

  307. Emma Burns says:

    Olivia Harper Burns cutest baby I’ve ever seen ❤

  308. Suniva Peters says:

    Ruadhán O’Gorman

  309. Meghan Keer says:

    Freddie Mullen!

  310. Marie Murray says:

    Sophia Kavanagh White

  311. Shirley Molloy says:

    Freddie Mullen

  312. Ali Norman says:

    Freddie Mullen, such a cutie

  313. Zoe Elliott says:

    Rudhan O Gorman

  314. Claire Whelan says:

    Freddie Mullen

  315. Olivia says:

    Olivia Harper Burns , she’s so adorable x

  316. Steve Shiang says:

    Liara Rose, look at her pose

  317. Jessica Wood says:

    Freddie Mullen ❤️❤️❤️ those gorgeous eyes!

  318. Orna Mccarthy says:

    Sophie Kavanagh White

  319. David says:

    Sophia Kavanagh Whyte

  320. Adrian o toole says:

    Isaac Horan

  321. Kevin Horkan says:

    Oscar “Ozzy” McCann

  322. Sarah Ruth says:

    Sophia Kavanagh White

  323. Maria Bennett says:

    Benny Finny Tho

  324. Maria Bennett says:

    Benny Finny

  325. Nathalie Bretin says:

    Esmeralda Cruikshank, those eyes!Beauty!

  326. Nicole says:

    Benny Finn Thompson

  327. Catherine O'Brien says:

    Leo Howard. That smile and those eyes. x

  328. Aisling says:

    George Huzevka

  329. Aisling says:

    Olivia Harper Burns

  330. Jodi artis says:

    Olivia harper burns

  331. Janet says:

    Benny Finn Thompson

  332. Stephanie Carey says:

    Benny Finn

  333. Sarah Glennon says:

    Benny Finn Thompson ☺️

  334. Melanie artis says:

    Olivia harper burn of defo the cutest, beautiful ❤️

  335. Leanne says:

    Isaac Horan

  336. Patricia Whelan says:

    Sophia Kavanagh – Whyte

  337. Ria Burns says:

    Olivia Harper Burns.. absolute beauty

  338. Stephen Taylor says:

    Callum Duffy

  339. Sarah Ward says:

    Liara-rose … she is the smiliest cutest little chick ❤️

  340. Lisa Doros says:

    Faye Hewitt

  341. Kim Cosgrave says:

    Sophia Kavanagh Whyte

  342. Eva-jean harris says:

    Callum Duffy

  343. Katy rice says:

    George huzevka

  344. Noel burns says:

    Olivia harper burns

  345. Sharon Dockery says:

    The beautiful baba Faye Hewitt xxx

  346. Louise boyse says:

    Callum duffy

  347. Holly Neary says:

    My adorable god-daughter Sophia Kavanagh Whyte ❤️

  348. Stephen Hewitt says:

    Faye Hewitt

  349. Steph Lang says:

    Sophia Kavanagh Whyte

  350. Coady Carroll says:

    Callum Duffy

  351. Megan Dockery says:

    Faye Hewitt

  352. Shauna Dockery says:

    Faye Hewitt

  353. Sarah Gregory says:

    Callum Duffy ❣️

  354. Rebecca says:

    Sophia kavanagh whyte

  355. Ciara Corcoran says:


  356. Aoife says:

    Sophia Kavanagh whyte

  357. Lucy tnompson says:

    Benny Finn Thompson …. cutey pie

  358. Melissa Maher says:

    My vote is for the little princess herself baby Sophia kavanagh

  359. Emma says:

    Benny Finn Thompson

  360. Katie says:

    Sophia kavanagh Whyte my little beautiful niece ❤

  361. Eithne says:

    Freddie Mullen

  362. Sara says:

    Frank Gillespie

  363. Sadhbh Redford says:

    Isaac Horan

  364. Jared Chimb says:

    Liara rose is a Beautiful baby

  365. Niamh says:

    Liara-Rose McLoughlin

  366. Luke Gibbons says:

    Stella O’Brien

  367. Conor Butterly says:

    Frank Gillespie

  368. Petra rosolova says:

    Frank Gillespie

  369. Rachel says:

    Sweet little girl Liara Rose

  370. Jock says:

    Liara Rose such a beautiful little girl always happy

  371. Nicole O Brien says:

    Isaac Horan

  372. Kathy Kavanagh says:

    Max Rogers

  373. Jana Vitola says:

    Alfie Sutton❤️

  374. Siobhan O D says:

    All so cute…. My is for LiaraRose

  375. Michelle says:

    Isaac Horan has to win he’s soooo cute 🙂 love him xx

  376. Adam Harris says:


  377. Ciaran martin says:


  378. Joseph K says:

    Go Liara

  379. Georgia says:

    Isaac Horan, love the red curls ❤️

  380. Caroline Mc Gee says:

    Harry the little cutie

  381. Jayne Lyster says:

    Jane Marmo

  382. Denise says:

    Charlotte Kavanagh

  383. Jean Rafferty says:

    Isaac Horan

  384. Aisling says:

    Charlotte Katie Kavanagh

  385. Jules goff says:

    Nahla beau doyle,
    Stunning little beauty , her mum and dads good looks she’s stunning …..

  386. Jessica says:

    Julian Krzeminski such a cutie

  387. Claudio says:

    Julian Krzeminski

  388. Christina Coughlin says:

    Charlotte Kavanagh

  389. Stell Newton says:

    Charlotte Kavanagh the most beautiful smile and always a happy baby ❤️❤️❤️

  390. Rob says:

    Julian Krzeminski

  391. Ruth says:

    Julian Krzeminski the beautiful boy

  392. Stella Newton says:

    Charlotte Kavanagh!! Always such a happy baby!❤️❤️

  393. Sarah Corcoran says:

    Harry McLoughlin

  394. Philip D. says:

    George Huzevka

  395. Cormac o Farrell says:

    Isaac Horan all the way !!!!

  396. Rachel Casey says:

    Leo Howard

  397. Kash Sandhu says:

    Nahla Beau Doyle ☺️

  398. Naomi doyle says:

    Harry McLoughlin ❤️

  399. Lisa O Reilly says:

    Frank Gillespie

  400. Helena Uzategui says:

    Esmeralda Cruickshank ❤️

  401. Rachael Sinclair says:

    Nahla Doyle ❤️❤️❤️

  402. Sharon Carolan says:

    Esmeralda ❤️❤️

  403. Evelyn says:

    Harry O ‘Shea all the way!

  404. Don says:

    NahLa Beau Doyle

  405. Melissa says:

    Isaac Horan

  406. Joanne Shannon says:

    Nahla Beau Doyle

  407. Mike nash says:

    Holly nash

  408. Leonora says:

    Frank Gillespie

  409. Robbie says:

    My vote is for the beautiful nahla beau x

  410. Kelly ballinger says:

    Emily nangle ❤️❤️❤️

  411. Kellie ballinger says:

    Emily Lucas

  412. Laura Taylor says:

    Harry McLoughlin

  413. Gabriella Doyle says:

    Esmeralda Cruikshank is such a beautiful baby!

  414. Michelle Dore says:

    Holly Parslow Nash ❤

  415. Trish Sheehan says:

    Holly Parslow Nash

  416. Chloe hayden says:

    Holly parslow Nash

  417. A.hayden says:

    Holly parslow Nash

  418. Chloe hayden says:

    Holly Parslow Nash

  419. Arianna Toolan says:

    Frank Gillespie

  420. David hayden says:

    Cillian o Neil

  421. Sereena hayden says:

    Jack Healy

  422. Aisling hayden says:

    Osin o Neil

  423. Simone Toolan says:

    Frank Gillespie

  424. Cecilia says:

    Esmeralda !!!

  425. Jacqui says:

    Gorgeous Emily Nangle gets my vote x

  426. Carla says:

    Julian, what a little beauty

  427. Rebeca says:

    Voting for Charlotte

  428. Ramona Maher Reilly says:

    Cillian O’Neill

  429. Michelle says:

    Vote emily

  430. Emma says:

    Stella!!! Them eyes!!

  431. Gavan Ryan says:

    Max all day

  432. Stephen nangle says:

    Emily nangle ❤

  433. Michael says:

    Isaac Horan

  434. Stephen Kelly says:

    Isaac Horan

  435. Emma Nolan says:

    Oísin o neill

  436. Emma nolan says:

    Cillian o neill

  437. Dawn Smyth says:

    Cillian o’neill

  438. Louise Byrne says:

    Julian K, in his little bow tie

  439. Dawn Smyth says:

    Oisín o’neil

  440. Ciara Bissett says:

    Chloe Crammond

  441. Niamh says:

    Julian Krzeminski

  442. Joyce Farrell says:

    Beautiful princess Esmeralda C

  443. Linda says:

    Oisin O’Neill

  444. Linda McCann says:

    Cillian O’Neill

  445. Marie-Louise says:

    Gorgeous Esmeralda gets my vote

  446. Muvaki says:

    Liara Rose Cute Baby

  447. Christian says:

    Isaac Horan

  448. James q says:

    Isaac Horan ♥️♥️♥️

  449. Laura Curran says:

    Julian ❤️

  450. Rebecca carolan says:

    Isaac Horan❤

  451. Laura palmer says:

    Charlotte Katie Kavanagh 100%
    Those eyes!!

  452. Darragh says:

    Isaac 🙂

  453. Samantha says:

    Aww all so Beautiful, I vote Liara-Rose

  454. Rebecca McKenna says:


  455. Sandra Cullen says:

    Isaac Horan definitely,

  456. Amy O Brien says:

    Isaac Horan

  457. Jenny says:

    Julian Krzeminski

  458. Kay Desmond says:

    isaac Horan

  459. Carla says:

    All the cutest but isaac Horan gets my vote!! Them red curls are too cute. x

  460. Solweg Phelan says:

    Oscar ‘Ozzy’ McCann. That cute look of divilment and innocence all at once!!

  461. Suzanne says:

    How do you choose ? They are all beautiful. My vote goes to Leo

  462. Adam says:

    Julian krzeminski

  463. Ashling Kelly says:


  464. Evelyn says:


  465. Lydia Socci says:

    Julian has my vote ❤️❤️

  466. Denisha says:

    Julian, so adorable ❤️

  467. Kelly Sheehan says:

    They’re all gorgeous but has to be Leo Howard

  468. Victoria Quinn says:

    Julian beautiful little boy

  469. Caroline says:

    Holly Nash

  470. Naomi says:

    Vote Julian ❤️❤️❤️

  471. Cassie says:

    Ozzy. Ozzy. Ozzy.

  472. Jamie McDonald says:

    I love my bike but Isaac is a ride

  473. Donna Whyte says:

    Julian ❤️

  474. Rebecca says:

    Stunning children all of them in their own way. My vote goes to Julian.

  475. Matthew says:

    Isaac Horan

  476. Jake Gorman says:

    I love Eugene but Isaac takes the biscuit

  477. Amy says:

    Definitely Esmeralda ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  478. Grennan says:

    Issac huran

  479. Kayla says:

    Isaac Horan !!!

  480. Cormac Byrne says:


  481. Rachel M says:

    Issac Horan !

  482. Jade says:

    Julian ☺️ So cute

  483. Catherine says:

    Look at him in that bowtie Julian has my vote!

  484. Owen Huntington says:

    Hard to look past Isaac. Voting Isaac Horan myself.

  485. Andrew Furey says:

    Been away for a while but in fairness Isaac horan is power

  486. Gavin Parlow says:

    Isaac horan POWER baby

  487. Sarah Stokes says:


  488. Sara Bradley says:

    Baby Julian. kreminsky to win. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  489. Michael curtin says:

    Charlotte Katie Kavanagh

  490. Glen Reilly says:

    Issac Horan is so cute it hurts ❤️

  491. Daniela says:

    Definitely Julian Krzeminski.

  492. Paul Sharkey says:


  493. Paulina says:

    Julian Krzeminski

  494. Dan says:

    Definitley Julian!! 100%

  495. Brendan says:

    Liara Rose grandads little girl beautiful little girl

  496. Emer mooney says:

    Alfie dunne byrne ❤️

  497. Kim McGovern says:

    Julian Krzeminski

  498. Hannah Mc donald says:

    Julian ☺️

  499. Susie Kavanagh says:


  500. Jennifer says:

    Charlotte Katie Kavanagh❤️

  501. Aisling cafferkey says:


  502. John o toole says:

    Julian Krzeminski

  503. Luke o toole says:

    Julian Krzeminski

  504. irina says:

    esmeralda <3

  505. Roslyn coates says:


  506. Claire Kelly says:

    Liara-Rose- Stunning little girl

  507. Teagen Coates Doyle says:

    Julian !

  508. Louise Burgess says:

    Charlotte Katie Kavanagh.
    Just too cute.

  509. Maria says:

    Robyn Reidy ❤️

  510. Kellie says:

    Voting for Julian he’s just too cute

  511. Maryvonne Clarke says:

    Julian Krzeminski

  512. Dorota N. says:

    Julian Krzeminski <3

  513. Rose Green says:

    Charlotte Katie Kavanagh. Those eyes

  514. Ciara Byrne says:

    Max Rogers

  515. Ann curtin says:

    Has to be Charlotte Kavanagh omg so cute

  516. Emma White says:

    Charlotte Katie Kavanagh

  517. Nicole Gilbert says:

    Issac Horan adorable ❤

  518. Luisa fanone says:

    Julian .gorgeous

  519. Niamh Magee says:

    Max Rogers

  520. Lisa Taglienti says:


  521. Lisa says:

    Charlotte Katie Kavanagh

  522. Gillian Collins says:

    Has to be Julian Krzeminski adorable

  523. David Kavanagh says:

    Charlotte Katie Kavanagh

  524. Ruth says:

    Esmeralda Cruickshank ❤❤

  525. Orla says:

    Each one is so cute but Julian Krzeminski has to be the cutest ❤ he gets my vote x

  526. Nicola Allsopp says:

    Charlotte Katie Kavanagh ❤️

  527. Aisling Leamy says:

    Baby Max the little heartbreaker

  528. Paul Williams says:

    Charlotte Kavanagh by far.

  529. Valerie says:

    Julian Krzeminski!

  530. eamonn says:

    Ozzy. A joy.

  531. Katie moloney says:

    Vote Jack Healy

  532. Leonie Williams says:

    Charlotte Katie Kavanagh

  533. Ashling Saint sevin says:

    Alfie Byrne

  534. Sabrina taglienti says:


  535. Jenna Shortall says:

    Stella, she’s adorable

  536. Francach Bui says:

    Julian Krzeminski

  537. Silvana Fanone says:


  538. Jordane says:

    Julian krzeminski ❤❤

  539. Ashta says:

    Julian ❤️

  540. Lyn says:

    Esmeralda Cruickshank

  541. John McGetrick says:

    Julian Krzeminski

  542. Gillian Kelly says:


  543. Rachael.parslow says:

    Holly nash

  544. Kelsey says:

    Julian ❤️

  545. Laura browne says:

    Liara rose beautiful baby girl

  546. Jade says:

    Oisin and Cillian O Neill

  547. Audrey Healy says:

    Jack Healy

  548. Stephanie Smith says:

    Holly Parslow Nash ❤

  549. John rafferty says:

    Isaac Horan

  550. Yvonne o neill says:

    Cillian o neill

  551. Nadia Taglienti says:

    Julian Krzeminski <3

  552. Yvonne o neill says:

    Oisín o neill

  553. Cathriona Starke says:

    Ava and Lucas Starke

  554. Nadia Taglienti says:

    Julian Krzeminski ♥️♥️♥️

  555. Alan Carolan says:

    Esmeralda Cruikshank is by far the most beautiful

  556. Anne says:

    Lucas Starke , handsome little devil!

  557. Ian says:

    Has to be my beautiful God daughter Esmerelda Cruickshank!

  558. Anne says:

    Ava Rose Starke beautiful

  559. Fiachra Coleman says:

    Isaac Horan

  560. Dan Cruickshank says:

    Esmeralda Cruickshank

  561. Georgina says:

    Cillian O’neill

  562. Cat mallin says:

    Oscar ‘Ozzy’ McCann

  563. Kim Glynn says:

    Oisin O’Neill

  564. Angela Thompson says:

    Esmeralda Cruickshank, just beautiful, funny & perfect. Esme number 1

  565. DonnaLouise says:

    Liara Rose McLoughlin to win, beautiful little lady

  566. Ramona Parkes says:

    Beautiful babies! My vote goes to Esmeralda though!

  567. Stefan Eichberg says:


  568. Pauline Bretin says:

    My favorite beautiful baby is the lovely ESMERALDA CRUICKSHANK!! ❤️

  569. Vini says:

    Liara-Rose McLoughlin

  570. Anne Marie Brady says:


  571. All lovely babies but Leo Howard to win

  572. Adrian Pitham-Cole says:

    Ozzy is so cute. He gets my vote

  573. Jeanette Breen says:

    Leo Howard such a cutie

  574. Claire says:

    Ozzy ❤️❤️❤️

  575. Godfrey says:

    Beautiful Liara-Rose

  576. Nicola lawless says:

    Leo Howard ❤️

  577. Eveline says:

    Lily-Anne Melia

  578. Tina says:

    Lily-Anne Melia

  579. Eilish Brady says:

    Lily Anne Mel is..
    Sweetest little girl ❤

  580. Brenda Mc L says:

    Liara-Rose little cutie

  581. Jackie says:

    Isaac Horan

  582. Hannab says:

    Isaac Horan

  583. Carla Donnelly says:

    All Beautiful babies, Liara-Rose is just gorgeous

  584. Brian Thompson says:

    Isaac Horan

  585. Ruth Magurie says:


  586. Linda Norman says:

    Leo Howard, what a stunner!

  587. Jenny Ní Dhoibhilín says:

    Oscar ‘Ozzy’ McCann

  588. Joanne says:

    Isaac Horan

  589. Karrie says:

    Lily-Anne Melia … such a cutie x❤

  590. Karrie says:

    Lily-Anne Melia… such a cutie xx ❤

  591. Christine says:

    Oscar “Ozzy” McCann, .

  592. Jennifer says:

    Leo Howard

  593. Deirdre Quinn says:

    Leo Howard cutie pie

  594. Freda Mc Loughlin says:

    My little granddaughter Liara-Rose cutie

  595. Amanda Mc Carragher says:

    Issac Horan,,wee beaut

  596. Emily Kelly says:

    Isaac Horan

  597. Linda McCann says:

    Leo Howard

  598. Valerie says:

    Nahla Doyle

  599. Colette Byrne says:

    Isaac Horan my grandson

  600. Laura Curran says:

    Stella gibbons

  601. Ella says:

    Lily-Anne Melia
    She is a cute. X

  602. Diane says:

    Ozzy. Stunning eyes and lovely smile.

  603. Rita Corcoran says:


  604. Diane Nelson says:

    Ozzy, stunning eyes and lovely smile.

  605. Niall Crosbie says:

    Isaac Horan

  606. Nicole mckeon says:

    Issac horan

  607. Orna English says:

    Ozzy- super cute

  608. Lucy Bretin says:

    Esmeralda Cruickshank

  609. Louise says:

    Ozzy – gorgeous eyes

  610. Ashmack says:

    Isaac Horan

  611. Sarah Nelson says:


  612. Eve says:

    Isaac Horan adorable ❤❤❤❤

  613. Sharyn Conroy says:

    Isaac horan all the way such a lil cutie

  614. Sue says:

    Lily Anne Melia

  615. Sinead Magurie says:

    Isaac Horan.

  616. Cormac O'Farrell says:

    Isaac Horan

  617. Andie Lambert says:


  618. maire O Brien says:

    Isaac Horan

  619. Tanya says:

    Max! He’s such a cutie look at him!!

  620. Aislin Meakin says:

    Isaac Horan

  621. Aislin says:

    Isaac Horan

  622. Helen Howard says:

    Leo Howard ❤

  623. Orla Leonard says:

    Leo Howard

  624. Olivia Nugent says:

    Max Rogers

  625. Suzanne Walsh says:

    Lily-Anne Melia – little stunner xx

  626. Caitriona hughes says:

    Leo howard

  627. Caitriona1953 says:

    Leo Howard

  628. Sarah grant says:


  629. Louise boyse says:

    Lolly ann

  630. Michelle cummins says:


  631. Deborah George says:

    Leo Howard

  632. Danny Nolan says:

    Isaac horan

  633. Helen K says:

    Leo Howard

  634. Ciana mc loughlin says:

    Liara rose

  635. Lisa May says:

    Isaac Horan

  636. Amy Gilbert says:

    The Beautiful Lily – Anne Melia

  637. Nicole Byrne says:

    ISaac Horan!

  638. Niamh O'Reilly says:

    Max. Look at those curls xx

  639. Caroline Bolger says:

    Leo Howard ❤️

  640. Brenna says:

    Max is too cute

  641. Jack O'Reilly says:

    Isaac Horan.. he’s the coolest kid I’ve ever seen!

  642. Amanda Smith says:

    Max Rogers

  643. Lisa says:

    Liara-Rose is stunning❤️

  644. Sorcha O’ Connor says:

    Issac Horan ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  645. Catherine says:

    Isaac Horan red curls adorable

  646. Dave D says:

    Isaac Horan

  647. Mel O Brien says:


  648. Georgina Bolger says:

    LEO 🙂

  649. Sinead McGuigan says:


  650. Melissa rugg says:

    Isaac horan

  651. Leah Clegg says:

    Isaac Horan

  652. Ciara says:

    Isaac Horan!

  653. Audrey O Rourke says:

    Isaac Horan

  654. Bríd Daly says:

    Isaac Horan. Totally beautiful and what a beaming smile.

  655. Jody Russell says:

    Isaac Horan

  656. michael byrne says:

    isaac horan

  657. Amiee lee Murphy says:

    Max Rogers

  658. Emer O Brien says:

    Isaac Horan

  659. rachel o brien says:

    Isaac horan

  660. Leah O Brien says:

    Isaac Horan xxx

  661. Dylan nealon says:

    Isaac Horan

  662. Niamh whelan says:

    Max Rogers

  663. Paul McCarthy says:

    Max Rodgers

  664. Aisling Cunningham says:

    Isaac horan!! So cute 🙂

  665. Sam Thompson says:

    Isaac Horan GOAT

  666. Aran says:

    Isaac Horan!!

  667. Jessica says:

    Max ♥️

  668. Josh says:

    Isaac Horan best curls in the game

  669. Conor says:

    Isaac Horan