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October 18, 2020
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October 21, 2020

Yep, we’re a prolific lot, us Greystonians, with every new year throwing up a whole new batch of sprightly, spirited and, of course, spectacular sprogs.

And that’s why our annual search for Greystones Most Beautiful Baby has returned.

In 2015, the cute cupid that is Keyarra Bigler romped home with the prize, her proud-as-punch parents Stephen and Joanna pretty darn happy with their coveted cutie pie certificate.

In 2016, it was the serene Olivia Goggin [left] who toddled away with the prize, with the proud parents this time being Grace and Karl.

The following year, it was the fiery Isaac Horan, a baby with enough happy to power the entire country, followed by those faraway eyes of the enigmatic Jason Fawcett

And now the search is on for Greystones Most Beautiful Baby 2020. Could it be your little oval-faced offspring? Your chubby little cherub?

The criteria is simple enough – the little critter has to be on this planet no earlier than January 1st, 2019. So, still a baby, but, just about ready for their first strong cup of coffee.

We’ve been bouncing around with the dates, jumping a little back and forth with the years, but we’ve finally caught up with the year that the award is given. So, after just crowning Jason Fawcett in February for 2019, the search for this year’s pint-sized superstar is on.

And as well as having the mighty D:RES Properties on board as sponsors this year – you can check out their Eastmount beauties here – we’ve also lined up a Big Night Out at The Whale for the winning baby’s family.


So, send your rockin’ baby pics – along with the baby’s name and date of birth – to by November 30th, and, hey, vote for your fave [one per email/URL, eejits] in the comments below…

You can  check out all of this year’s entries here and previous Most Beautiful Baby competitions here.


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  1. Michelle says:

    A vote for Milena
    She’s just soo adorable

  2. Karen Keogh says:

    She is such a little Beauty Queen

  3. Alex Kelly says:

    Milena 6Dec19

  4. Katie Doyle says:

    Milena no1

  5. Carol Keogh says:


  6. Nina O'Brien says:

    Isabelle.Little dote x

  7. Nina O'Brien says:

    Isabelle.Little dote.x

  8. Gaye O’Sullivan says:

    Sarah Parker
    Beautiful girl
    Her charisma is amazing at such a young age

  9. Jamie Byrne says:

    Isobelle – cutie

  10. Graham lawlor says:

    Isabelle little sweet heart

  11. Joe keating says:


  12. Ciara Mc Gann says:

    A vote for Rose 🙂

  13. Anne Gregory says:


  14. Andy gray says:


  15. Killian Parker says:


  16. Daphne Rowntree Parker says:


  17. Hazel says:

    Rose 12/06/2920 beautiful baby

  18. Maureen Fagan says:

    Rose is such a beautiful cute baby. No, 1 for me!

  19. Leanne says:

    Hunter my boy

  20. Lizzie says:

    Hunter my godson for the win!

  21. Sue says:

    Hunter gorgeous boy

  22. Sandra says:

    Hunter so precious!

  23. Nicola says:

    Hunter xx

  24. Kelly says:

    Hunter very cute!

  25. Yvonne says:

    Beautiful Isobelle to win 7APR20

  26. Catherine McGirl says:

    I vote beautiful baby Rose

  27. Vera says:

    Definitely Rose, born on the 12th of June, 2020. Cute as a button. So so sweet too

  28. Vera says:

    Rose, born on 12th of June, 2020
    Cute as a button. And so so sweet

  29. Tony Lindsay says:

    Archie Luis

  30. Dolores says:

    My favourite is Rose.

  31. Michelle Ralph says:

    Beautiful Baby Rose

  32. Carol Sheehan says:

    Rosie cheeked Rose

  33. Sharon says:

    Milena 100%

  34. Sheila says:

    Beautiful Rose, 12 of June 20

  35. Jacinta says:

    Beautiful Rose

  36. Brendan says:

    The Gorgeous ‘Rose’

  37. Rosaleen Montes Silva says:


  38. Aaron says:

    So gorgeous baby hunter!

  39. Leanne says:

    My baby hunter to win! Xx

  40. Jacob says:

    Hunter for the win!

  41. Jennifer says:

    My beautiful Rose!

  42. Aideen says:

    Rose all the way

  43. Betty says:

    Hunter look how beautiful he is xxx

  44. Patrick says:

    Hunter ❤️

  45. Mary says:

    Baby hunter to win look at those eyes amazing

  46. Pj byrne says:

    Hunter to win

  47. Jason says:

    Little hunter to win ❤️

  48. Jessica says:

    Beautiful hunter to win

  49. Rory says:

    Hunter lovely boy!

  50. Sarah says:

    Beautiful eyes hunter!

  51. Emma says:

    Very cute hunter! Good luck

  52. Cara says:

    Smiley baby hunter

  53. Johnathon says:


  54. Tom says:

    Hunter so gorgeous!

  55. Lilly says:

    Hunter for November!

  56. Katrina says:

    Hunter very cute

  57. Aaron keogh says:

    Hunter Keogh!

  58. Sheila says:

    Hunter for the win!

  59. Laura says:

    Hunter to win for sure

  60. Jackie says:

    Hunter beautiful boy

  61. Jessica says:

    Hunter just look at them eyes

  62. Kathleen says:

    Hunter to win the competition! Auntie Kathleen xxx

  63. Joy says:

    Hunter to win ❤️❤️❤️

  64. Patrick says:

    Hunter to win

  65. Anne says:

    Beauty Hunter ❤️

  66. Esther says:

    Just look how beautiful hunter is

  67. Ted says:

    Hunter to win

  68. Sandra says:

    How beautiful is Hunter he’s got to win

  69. Lizzie says:

    My beautiful godson hunter to win xxx

  70. Paul says:

    Hunter hunter hunter!

  71. Brenda says:

    Baby hunter for the win

  72. Geoff says:

    Good luck hunter

  73. Michelle Power says:

    Ruby beth

  74. Aaron says:

    Beautiful Hunter

  75. Leanne says:

    Hunter to win!

  76. Maddie says:

    C’mon has to be MILENA

  77. Gina says:

    Happy Hunter for the win

  78. Breda says:

    Hunter beautiful eyes! Hope he wins

  79. Lillian says:

    Hunter my handsome grandson for the win!xx

  80. Sandra says:

    Hunter so lovely what a picture!

  81. Ms Mullen says:


  82. Brenda says:

    Gorgeous nephew hunter

  83. Gary says:

    Hunter Keogh

  84. Sandra says:

    Hunter so handsome got to win!

  85. Paul says:

    Brown eyed hunter for the win!!

  86. Lianne says:

    Hunter soooo cute

  87. Deirdre says:

    Milena to win(she’s so cute)

  88. Sienna says:

    Baby Milena6DEC19

  89. Louise & Dave says:

    Milena to win

  90. Sarah Ryan says:


  91. Diane says:

    Milena is the cutest

  92. Mexx says:

    Baby Milena

  93. Nadia says:

    Ooh Milena for sure!!

  94. Jacinta says:

    Has to be MILENA

  95. Aubrey Thornton says:


  96. Laura Morgan says:


  97. Lizzie says:

    Baby hunter for the win

  98. Breda says:

    Hunter for the win!!✨

  99. Pj says:

    Handsome boy hunter

  100. Lizzie says:

    Hunter for the win!

  101. Danielle says:


  102. Caoimhe says:


  103. Joconnorhatton says:

    Ella Kate

  104. Vinny clare says:

    Isobelle 7 april 20

  105. Mary says:

    Hunter to win

  106. Kathyann says:


  107. catriona Hatton says:

    Ella Kate

  108. Ky says:

    Milena we love you darling x

  109. Ky says:

    Milena we love you x

  110. Ky says:

    Milena we love you

  111. Teo says:

    Milena you’ve already won for us x

  112. Karen says:

    Milena as she would be a great addition to the face of greystones

  113. Jerry says:

    Milena for the win xx

  114. Jerry says:

    Milena for the win x

  115. Sue says:

    Hunter our new addiction to the family love sue xx

  116. Annie says:

    Hunter to win

  117. Charlene says:

    Happy boy hunter

  118. Josh says:

    Hunter is beautiful

  119. Jonathon says:

    Hunter for the win!

  120. Jason says:

    Hunter to win come on buddy

  121. Lianne says:

    Hunter to win ❤️

  122. Esther says:

    Baby hunter to win

  123. Charlene says:

    Gorgeous brown eyes!! What a photo 🙂

  124. Sandra says:

    What a beauty hunter is ❤️

  125. Jackie says:

    How beautiful is hunter he’s got to win

  126. Aaron says:

    Hunter my beautiful boy to win love daddy xx

  127. Breda says:

    Those eyes!! Gorgeous hunter for the win, love great Nana Breda

  128. Pat says:

    Hunter to win by far

  129. Rory says:

    My great grandson hunter to win

  130. Gerry says:

    Lovely hunter so happy!!

  131. Brian says:

    Hunter so gorgeous that smile!!

  132. Jade says:

    Beautiful baby hunter my gorgeous nephew x

  133. Dale says:

    My godson hunter to win

  134. Paul says:

    My beautiful grandson hunter to win

  135. Leanne says:

    Hunter my beauty to win!!

  136. Brenda says:

    My beautiful nephew hunter

  137. Leanne says:

    Hunter for the win!!

  138. Lizzie says:

    Hunter by far to win ❤️

  139. Leanne says:

    My beautiful boy Hunter to win!!❤️

  140. Pj says:

    Hunter to win

  141. Aaron says:

    My beautiful son Hunter

  142. Patricia & Kevin Flatherty says:


  143. Sophia Clancy says:


  144. Ger & Niamh says:


  145. Sarahkate says:

    Milena xx

  146. Hillary & Dave says:

    Go Milena

  147. Beth Holmes says:


  148. Majella Dunphy says:


  149. Laura Finn says:

    MILENA is a little beauty

  150. Eithne Murphy says:


  151. Jackie Kinsella says:


  152. Clara Devlin says:


  153. Sandra says:

    Milena to win

  154. Mila says:

    Milena is adorable

  155. Dee says:

    Aww has to be MILENA

  156. Katie Dean says:

    Milena should win this

  157. Richie says:

    Milena to win

  158. Dylan Donohoe says:


  159. Samantha says:

    Ella Kate

  160. Lorraine O Reilly says:

    Ella Kate

  161. Ella says:

    Milena to win

  162. Niamh O'Kelly says:

    Harry James

  163. Aoife says:

    Harry James

  164. Julieann Hurley says:


  165. Avril Green says:


  166. Mariusz Petit says:

    Ella Kate

  167. Caroline says:

    Milena x

  168. Harrison says:

    Milena 6Dec

  169. Ping Roque says:

    ahhh…. HARRY JAMES ❤

  170. Linda says:

    Ella kate for the win!!!

  171. Catherine Holden says:

    Ruby Beth

  172. Wendy says:

    Ella Kate ❤️

  173. Marie Hatton says:

    My beautiful great grandaughter Ella Kate

  174. Rachel Bingham says:


  175. Anne Lowry says:


  176. Abbie OKeeffe says:


  177. Greg O'Connor says:

    Ella Kate

  178. Eimear Cameron says:

    Ella Kate

  179. Eireann O'Sullivan says:

    Ella Kate ❤️

  180. Aisling O’Reilly says:

    Ella Kate!

  181. Niamh Martin says:

    Harry James

  182. Tracey ryan says:

    Harry james

  183. Amy says:

    My vote goes to Harry James

  184. Fionnaigh says:

    Ella Kate

  185. Arneta says:

    Ella Kate

  186. Michelle says:

    Ella Kate

  187. Sarah says:

    Milena to win

  188. Emily Kavanagh says:

    Ella Kate

  189. Amy says:

    Harry James!

  190. Jamie Stapleton says:

    Ella Kate

  191. Sara says:

    Ella Kate is just the cutest!

  192. Joanne Gear says:

    Ella Kate

  193. Christina Hughes says:

    Ella Kate!

  194. Christine says:


  195. Melissa Carroll says:

    Ella Kate

  196. Kate says:

    I vote Milena to win

  197. Mia Shepherd says:

    I vote for Ella Kate

  198. Jenny K says:


  199. Meghan says:

    Milena 🙂

  200. Jordane says:

    Isobelle 🙂

  201. Emma McCann says:


  202. Dhana McIver says:


  203. Tracey F says:


  204. Mimi Megannety says:

    Mason O’Reilly

  205. Rachel says:

    Mason o’Reilly

  206. Margaret Quinn says:

    Mason O Reilly

  207. Jennifer says:


  208. Helen says:

    Milena 100%

  209. Aoife Bucklsy says:


  210. Aoife Buckley says:


  211. Jade Stephens says:


  212. Sarah Johnson says:

    Gotta be Milena for me

  213. Lindsay Earls says:

    Milena 6Dec19

  214. Molly Quinn says:

    All very cute, but, Milena no1

  215. Stella Mayrink says:

    OMG Milena

  216. Gayle Bradley says:

    Milena 6Dec19

  217. Robert Doherty says:

    I vote Milena

  218. Hazel Sweeney says:

    I would like too Vote Milena no1

  219. Karen rafferty says:


  220. Melissa harris says:

    7apr20 isobelle

  221. Linda McCormick says:

    Isla for the win

  222. Michael O'Sullivan says:


  223. Grainne Earley says:


  224. Emma O Malley says:


  225. Melanie Mullins says:


  226. Isobelle says:


  227. Samantha says:


  228. Rebecca O'Connor says:


  229. Nicole OBrien says:


  230. Michelle Quinn says:


  231. Victor says:

    Baby Isobelle

  232. Bru says:

    Baby Isobelle 🙂

  233. Richard Hall says:


  234. Bridget Hughed says:


  235. Bridget Hughes says:


  236. Caroline Gamble says:

    Baby Isla O Gorman❤️

  237. Charlene Cummins says:


  238. Mairéad says:


  239. Rosemary Cox says:


  240. Orla says:

    Baby Isobelle

  241. Mark Courtney says:


  242. Fergal w says:

    Isabelle. Dote

  243. Jacqueline says:

    Isla O’Gorman

  244. Stephaine grant says:

    Mason o Reilly

  245. Zoe Finnegan says:


  246. Tara Fakhry says:


  247. Tanya hayes says:

    Mason O’Reilly

  248. Jade says:

    Mason O’Reilly

  249. Leanne McGrath says:


  250. anna karimova says:


  251. Mason o Reilly says:

    I vote mason o Reilly

  252. Sandra horan says:

    Baby Mason

  253. Danielle says:

    Mason O’Reilly

  254. Niamh Lafferty says:

    I would like to vote for Mason O’Reilly ❤

  255. Linda Werner says:

    Milena for sure

  256. Grace manning says:

    Milena no1

  257. Kenneth Daly says:

    Milena 100%

  258. Jamie says:

    Milena 🙂

  259. Jason says:

    I vote Milena

  260. Francis says:

    Milena 6DEC19

  261. Margaret Duggan says:

    I would like to vote for baby Mason o reilly in the 2020 Beautiful Baby competion

  262. Gemma Harris says:


  263. Nicola Maher says:

    Isla 29th May

  264. Shaunna O Gorman says:


  265. Fionnuala says:

    Bailey blu

  266. Calvin says:

    Milena 6Dec19

  267. Sharon G says:

    Ella Rai

  268. Anna says:

    Gorgeous Milena to win

  269. Sheila says:

    Baby Isla to win

  270. Barry says:

    Beautiful Milena

  271. Mo Higgins says:

    Beautiful Isobelle to win

  272. Linda Wheatley says:

    Baby Isla

  273. Kenneth Wheatley says:


  274. Jennifer says:


  275. Michaela says:

    Adorable Milena to win x

  276. Madison Byrne says:


  277. Adorable Isobelle to win

  278. Stephen says:


  279. Sean leonard says:


  280. Hilary says:

    Milena “Little Cutie”

  281. Sinead O’Conner says:


  282. Joan says:

    Milena 🙂

  283. Joan H says:

    Isla 29 May

  284. Elaine Kennedy says:

    Vote for maisie xxx

  285. Molly says:

    Milena (how adorable is she)

  286. Suzanne says:

    Wow has to be Milena

  287. Oliver says:

    Milena 6Dec

  288. Claire murphy says:

    Ruby Beth

  289. Brenda Donaghy says:

    Ruby Beth

  290. Louise says:

    Milena for sure

  291. Margaret says:

    Milena 6Dec

  292. Madison says:

    Milena 6Dec

  293. Shannon says:

    Bailey blu

  294. Isla says:

    Je vote Isla!

  295. Judy says:

    I vote Milena 6Dec19

  296. Steph says:

    Wow Milena hands down

  297. Ciara says:

    Milena for sure

  298. Doireann Holland says:


  299. Keith says:

    Milena 100%

  300. Adam says:

    Isla! ♥️

  301. Jason O'Gorman says:


  302. Marian Waters says:


  303. Irene Lynch says:

    Voting for Isla O’Gorman. She is too cute for words.

  304. Anne-Marie Meakin says:


  305. Hannah Doyle says:


  306. Sharon Kelly says:


  307. Paula Dowling says:

    Lots of beautiful babies but my vote goes to Calvin McCarthy.

  308. Áine Monaghan says:


  309. Alex says:

    Isla (Baby sister)

  310. Sophie says:

    Isla O’Gorman

  311. Jenny maher says:

    Vote for Isla

  312. Nayla says:

    Isla O’Gorman

  313. Jenny maher says:

    Vote for isla

  314. Aris says:

    Milena to win

  315. Sinéad says:

    Milena 6th Dec 19

  316. Lizzie says:

    Baby hunter ❤️

  317. Helen O'Gorman says:

    Isla – 29 May 2020

  318. Jacinta Wheatley says:

    Isla O’Gorman

  319. Mary mchugh says:


  320. Aaron O’Gorman says:


  321. Courtenay Lynch says:

    Isla May 29th

  322. Colette Cresswell says:

    Isla – May 29th

  323. Joanna says:

    Isla pic 3

  324. Olivia curran says:


  325. Olivia Curran says:

    Isobelle 7Apr20

  326. David Murray says:

    I vote Milena 6DEC19

  327. Jean Lucey says:

    Calvin ❤️

  328. Robbie Keane says:

    Milena x

  329. Rebekah says:


  330. Ant @ Dec says:


  331. Tamara says:

    Calvin all the way!

  332. Roy Keane says:

    Vote MILENA No 1 Guys

  333. Sam, Jackson & Rocky says:


  334. Darren says:

    Milena Murray

  335. Brian Murray says:

    Milena cos she’s the image of me

  336. Trish says:

    Milena Murray

  337. Hannah says:

    Milena is beautiful

  338. Emilia says:

    Calvin 11.4.19.

  339. Murr-I-Am says:


  340. John says:

    Milena we love you

  341. Teo says:

    Milena should be crowned

  342. Kian Murray says:

    Milena 06.12.19

  343. Chris says:

    Milena everyone is beautiful but she holds the title

  344. Caroline Murray says:


  345. Darren Murray says:


  346. Barry Murray says:


  347. Dre says:

    Milena for the win

  348. Juan says:

    Milena 06DEC19, to win.

  349. Eoghan says:

    Milena No.1

  350. Lorraine quqin scanlon says:

    Maisie 25th Sept 19

  351. Harry says:

    Milena Murray to win

  352. David says:

    Milena deserves this a lot, she’s too beautiful

  353. Sean says:

    Milena for sure guys

  354. Hollie says:

    Milena to win this

  355. Joanne O’Neil says:

    Milena by far

  356. Sara Hamdona says:

    Milena Murray !!

  357. Lauren Smyth says:

    Milena Murray

  358. Callum says:

    Milena for the title

  359. Sinead O’Sullivan says:

    Milena !!

  360. Zoey Murray says:

    Milena to win she deserves this title !!

  361. Katie Kane says: