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January 12, 2019
Your Greystones Gigs
January 14, 2019

With Paddy Breathnach‘s powerful homeless drama Rosie just about sold out next Wednesday, the Greystones Film Club have just announced their latest batch of big screen delights.

As always, the new films on offer range from the homegrown to the humongous, from the artistic to blockbuster ballistic.

And all just right on your doorstep, in a boutique cinema that most big city folk would happily sell their Venezualan maid for.

First up is the best-reviewed movie of 2018, the film that managed to hit the no.1 spot on rottentomatoes as they tallied up all the glittering reviews of the year. And, lo and bejiggers, it’s the delightful and delicious Paddington 2 (UK/PG/103mins), everyone’s favourite marmalade-chomping bear finding himself behind bars after Hugh Grant’s actor conman comes to town.

Screening on Sunday, February 3rd, at 2pm, this is one that the whole family can feel all warm and cuddly about.

On Wednesday 13th, it’s the award-winning Irish documentary The Lonely Battle Of Thomas Reid (Ireland/12A/76mins), described by one critic as one of the most unique pieces of cinema of the past year, and detailing a Leixlip loner’s battle to save his 100-year-old farm from big business.

There’s nothing as compelling – and strange – as real life, of course, and Reid’s stubborn determination as he locks horns with the Industrial Development Authority reflects not only the defiance of one man against a giant, corporate bully, but it also highlights the struggle for Ireland’s small farmer to survive in these supersized and technologically-driven times.

Just remember to bring your hankies. And your pitchforks.

A remake of a remake, in truth, A Star Of Born (USA/15A/136mins) should have been a mess. And a box-office turkey.

In actual truth, it turned out to be not only a very, very fine film but also a rather massive worldwide hit, a fact that owes a lot to its two leading lights.

Bradley Cooper takes on directing and leading man duties, playing Jack, a highly successful, if fading, touring musician who takes a shine to Lady Gaga’s young hopeful, Ally. Decided to take the wide-eyed songbird under his wing, and on tour, that star is soon born, and the shifting dynamics put their beautiful friendship under considerable pressure.

Having just won a Golden Globe for Best Song, there’s every chance that stand-out song Swallow will gobble up the Oscar too. You can see what all the fuss is about on Sunday, February 17th, at 8pm.

You can find out more about the Greystones Film Club by signing up for free here. All screenings are €10, which includes a free large, freshly-popped popcorn or a kids snackbox, which includes popcorn, sweets and a soft drink.

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