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August 7, 2019
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August 1, 2019

The dynamic, divine and delightful duo Casey and Aisling over at Yoga Nest have been in touch about their groovy new classes for kids.

Our children, as we all know, are the future, and it would be good to have a few less Trumps and Johnsons out there.

So, calm and content is the key, and being fit as a finely-tuned fiddle to boot. Which is where Yoga Nest comes in.

Here’s de lowdown…

Yoga Nest is gearing up for the school year with some exciting yoga classes and courses for  parents and kids.

The ‘new’ year kicks off with a Family Yoga Class designed around FUN on Sunday, 15th September from 2pm to 2.45pm. This class will be made up of stories, songs and lots of lighthearted yoga poses for parents and their little ones.

Family yoga classes provide the same mental and physical benefits of any yoga class – improving balance, increase strength, flexibility and promoting relaxation. Explains Yoga Nest co-founder Casey King, “I think family yoga classes are amazing because they offer families the opportunity to come together in a playful and safe environment. Having forty-five minutes to be present with your children without any expectations or anywhere else to be is a wonderful gift.

Yoga Nest is delighted to announce that they’ll be holding two Kids Yoga Courses throughout the school year in order to accommodate a greater age range. The kids yoga courses are divided into two 10-week terms. The first term will run from September to Christmas with breaks that correlate with the 2019-2020 school year and bank holidays. These classes begin on September 23rd and the 26th, and run as follows…

Ages 7 to 11 | Mondays | 3.30pm – 4.20pm
Ages 3.5 to 6 | Thursdays | 3.30pm – 4.20pm

These kids yoga courses are designed so that kids ages 3.5 to 11 can receive the benefits of yoga in an exciting and interactive way by going on adventures through movement and story. Breathing techniques and meditation are incorporated within each class so kids can learn useful tools to help increase their focus and learn to handle stress and emotion from a young age.

This non-competitive environment also provides a safe space for children to explore body shapes, increase their self-esteem and develop healthy, loving and supportive friendships.

It’s €85 for the full 10-week course, or a single class costs just €10. You can call down to the Yoga Nest studio for a chat, check out their website here, or simply get in touch directly on You can reserve your spot online, or just drop into the studio before class. You can also follow Casey and Aisling on Instagram here and Facebook here.