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May 28, 2020
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May 28, 2020

Press release from Wicklow County Council, issued on Thursday, May 28th 2020…

The Irish Rail car park at Kilcoole Train Station is to remain closed for the summer months. This is being done in the interests of public health and wellbeing and to facilitate local people to exercise within the current 5km restrictions.

However, free parking is available for commuters at the Park & Ride car park in Greystones which is only a seven minute drive from the centre of Kilcoole.

In line with national policy to improve infrastructure in order to encourage more people to walk and cycle, Wicklow County Council, An Garda Síochána and Irish Rail have agreed to keep the car park at the train station closed, on a trial basis, over the summer while the schools are off, children are at home, the weather is good and there are generally less commuters.

The closing of the car park as a result of Covid-19 restrictions has had the unforeseen benefit of facilitating more people walking and cycling along the narrow rural section of Sea Road in greater safety than they previously enjoyed.

Many families with small children are now more comfortable walking and cycling to the end of Sea Road from the village centre to access the local amenities of the beach and the Ballydonarea Loop Walk.

This is as a result of the reduced volume of cars travelling at speed; the only cars now being local residents who travel the road much slower as they are familiar with its narrow nature and the possibility of pedestrians and cyclists on it.

Improved road markings and signage have been installed along Sea Road to warn drivers of the presence of pedestrians and cyclists while extra bicycle parking has been provided to cater for the increase in cyclists in the area. Picnic benches have been placed in the parking area to make use of the available space and to enhance the amenity value for people visiting by bike or on foot.

There are two disabled parking bays in the car park which are still available for use and Wicklow County Council will be installing a number of parking spaces reserved for the elderly and the public is asked to respect and observe these parking spaces.

The change is a temporary one for the summer months only, to maximise the potential of the area and local amenities for the majority of the residents of Kilcoole.

The usual situation will revert from September.

Cover illustration: Peter Growney. Kilcoole history here.


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  1. James says:

    The justification for this is incredibly weak , illogical. I live for 4km from the beach so instead of having a short drive to the beach with the kids , I’m supposed to walk an hour there and an hour back or alternatively drive outside the 5k to Greystones for my daily swim. How many Kilcoole people living in the village actually think it’s a good idea to walk their kids down the long road to the beach for a walk or swim, not very many is my guess . Anyone getting the train from Kilcoole at this time is obviously essential staff and under enough stress without now being told to drive to Greystones or take a long walk to the station in the morning and home in the evening at the end of their shift. Sea road residents are about the only people this suits.

    • Andrew says:

      Guess who is a notable Sea Road resident – Cllr Tom Fortune. Absolutely wouldn’t surprise me if he pushed for this. The man is the epitome of the cynical Irish politician.

      • James says:

        Other access points to the shoreline not closed to cars where busier then usual today as families had to access a local amenity i. e. the beach, from places other then Kilcoole. Public health.. I don’t think so, village politics.

  2. andrew says:

    That is absolutely ridiculous reasoning issued by the council for the continued closure of the car park . 17 grand a year to come up with this shite?

  3. Paul says:

    Comments are open…