Killincarrig House Approved For Glenveagh Estate

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May 6, 2021
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Killincarrig House Approved For Glenveagh Estate

t’s been through the mill over the past few years, saved from demolition at the 11th hour whilst going on and off the market like a yo-yo.

And now planning has been approved for the 19th century Killincarrig House that will see the main building refurbished and 17 new houses in its 2-acre backyard. 

Actually one of three Killincarrig Houses in Greystones, the original is now the Greystones Golf Club’s HQ after the Hawkins/Whitshed family had decided to build something a little closer to the sea. That home later becoming The Woodlands Hotel.

The Killincarrig House that’s actually in Killincarrig was given to the family’s farm manager, Wilfred Evans, in the 1960s, even though it was already in some disrepair. For the last 30 years, the house has been vacant.

And now it’s about to get a major makeover. Here’s the development in full planning lingo…

A) Refurbishment of existing vacant dwelling including works to the façade, demolition of secondary annexes and outbuildings (c. 96.2sqm), to provide a 2 storey 4 bedroom house of c. 286.30sqm and construction of separate single storey commercial unit (and associated works) to the south (office or medical use c. 72.3 sqm – with new separate pedestrian access from R761) B) The construction of 17 no. dwellings comprising (10 no. 2 storey 3 bedroom dwellings on southern portion of site (House Types B1, B2, B3, B4, B5) with access from R762 (Delgany Hills) and Church Road & 7 no. 2 storey 3 bedroom dwellings (House Types A1, A2, A3) on northern portion of site (including terrace at first floor level) with access from R761; C) Hard and soft landscaping (including lighting) and open space (boundary treatment); regrading/re-profiling of site where required; D) vehicular access for southern part of site via Delgany Hills estate to the west and via existing access from R761 to the north east (to be widened and upgraded) to provide access for the northern part of the site, revised footpath arrangement along frontage (part), 45 no. car parking spaces within the site (and 4 no. bicycle spaces); E) New pedestrian access from R761 (which also facilitates emergency vehicular access); F) Temporary Construction access to southern part of site from Church Road (R762); G) Surface water attenuation/outfall and connections to water supply and foul drainage; H) All ancillary site development/construction and landscape work.

You can check out Killincarrig House’s long and winding road to Glenveagh here, and explore other local historical homes over here.