Heran Has Been Found
January 9, 2021
Moretti’s Are Hiring
January 9, 2021

etting up in Summer 2020, the Kilmacanogue Artisan Farmer’s Market hit the ground running.

Boasting all sort of homemade goodies and naughty treats, this Friday fair firmly established itself on our calendars.

And now after a Christmas stint over in Enniskerry, the Kilmac Market is setting its many, many stalls up in sunny Bray.

Namely, at the Bray Wanderers grounds, right beside the Dart station.

Which is where you can now go for all your down-to-earth, fresh-from-the-sod stuff – the word artisan being Latin for, of course, ‘comes with muck attached‘.

Only, after one week, Bray District Council have popped the market on lockdown hold.

So, whether it’s yummy food, life-enhancing plants, love-enhancing flowers or sex-enhancing jewellery, the Kilmacanogue Artisan Farmers’ Market has it all.

And when it’s back up and running, we’ll let you know..

Usually open from 9am to 3.30pm, with strict Covid-19 restrictions in place, if you want to set up stall, give young Cathy a call on 0868758744.

And if you’re over there, grab us some cake. We’ll gladly pay you Tuesday.