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July 7, 2020
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July 7, 2020
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Latest Covid-19 Figures

Not the sort of post we’re all that happy to be updating daily, but, bottom line, numbers don’t lie.

And by facing reality head-on, we can then truly move onwards and upwards.

Still, as Ireland and its people plainly strive to do the right thing to stop the spread of Covid-19, it’s disheartening to see other parts of the world put wealth before health too.

Not that everyone seems capable of looking at the bigger picture. Trump to the left of us, Bolsonaro to the right – here we are, stuck in the middle of the worst worldwide pandemic in living history, and some fecks are still only interested in their own little patch.

And what people not going to work might do to their GDP.

Not that it’s all doom and gloom. Life during wartime can actually bring out the best in people, and that’s certainly been the case here in Greystones – as we’ve charted again, and again, and again. And again.

Each day, we’ll add the latest Covid-19 figures released for Ireland, to give some shape to our national curve…

April 2020

Wednesday 1st 14 more deaths 212 new cases
Thursday 2nd 13 more deaths 402 new cases
Friday 3rd 22 more deaths 424 new cases
Saturday 4th 17 more deaths 331 new cases
Sunday 5th 21 more deaths 390 new cases
Monday 6th 16 more deaths 370 news cases
Tuesday 7th 36 more deaths 345 new cases
Wednesday 8th 25 more deaths 365 new cases
Thursday 9th 28 more deaths 500 new cases
Friday 10th 25 more deaths 480 new cases
Saturday 11th 33 more deaths 503 new cases
Sunday 12th 14 more deaths 430 new cases
Monday 13th 31 more deaths 465 new cases
Tuesday 14th 41 more deaths 832 new cases (including 284 from backlog tests)
Wednesday 15th 38 more deaths 1,068 new cases (including 411 backlog tests)
Thursday 16th 43 more deaths 724 new cases
Friday 17th 44 more deaths 709 new cases (including 112 backlog cases)
Saturday 18th 41 more deaths 778 new cases (including 148 backlog cases)
Sunday 19th 39 more deaths 493 new cases (including 48 backlog cases)
Monday 20th 77 more death 401 new cases
Tuesday 21st 44 more deaths 388 new cases
Wednesday 22nd 49 more deaths 631 new cases
Thursday 23rd 22 more deaths 936 new cases
Friday 24th 37 more deaths 577 new cases
Saturday 25th 52 more deaths 377 new cases
Sunday 26th 26 more deaths 801 new cases
Monday 27th 18 more deaths 386 new cases
Tuesday 28th 59 more deaths 299 new cases
Wednesday 29th 31 more deaths 376 new cases
Thursday 30th 43 more deaths 359 new cases

May 2020

Friday 1st 34 more deaths 221 new cases
Saturday 2nd 25 more deaths 343 new cases
Sunday 3rd 19 more deaths 330 new cases
Monday 4th 16 more deaths 266 new cases
Tuesday 5th 23 more deaths 211 new cases
Wednesday 6th 37 more deaths 265 new cases
Thursday 7th 29 more deaths 137 new cases
Friday 8th 27 more deaths 156 new cases
Saturday 9th 18 more deaths 219 new cases
Sunday 10th 12 more deaths 236 new cases
Monday 11th 15 more deaths 139 new cases
Tuesday 12th 24 more deaths 107 new cases
Wednesday 13th 10 more deaths 159 new cases
Thursday 14th 10 more deaths, 426 new cases [bump due to accumulated cases since March at one hospital]
Friday 15th 16 more deaths 129 new cases
Saturday 16th 15 more deaths 92 new cases
Sunday 17th 10 more deaths 64 new cases
Monday 18th 4 more deaths 88 new cases
Tuesday 19th 16 more deaths 51 new cases
Wednesday 20th 11 more deaths 64 new cases
Thursday 21st 12 more deaths 76 new cases
Friday 22nd 11 more deaths 115 new cases
Saturday 23rd 13 more deaths 76 new cases
Sunday 24th 4 more deaths 57 new cases
Monday 25th 0 deaths 59 new cases
Tuesday 26th 9 deaths 37 new cases
Wednesday 27th 17 deaths 73 new cases
Thursday 28th 9 deaths 46 new cases
Friday 29th 6 deaths 39 new cases
Saturday 30th 9 deaths 59 new cases
Sunday 31st 2 deaths 66 new cases

June 2020

Monday 1st 1 death 77 new cases
Tuesday 2nd 8 more deaths 10 new cases
Wednesday 3rd 3 more deaths 47 new cases
Thursday 4th 5 more deaths 38 new cases
Friday 5th 7 more deaths 28 new cases
Saturday 6th 9 more deaths 24 new cases~
Sunday 7th 1 more death 25 new cases
Monday 8th 4 more deaths 9 new cases
Tuesday 9th 9 more deaths 9 new cases
Wednesday 10th 5 more deaths 19 new cases
Thursday 11th 8 more deaths 8 new cases
Friday 12th 3 more deaths, 13 new cases
Saturday 13th 5 more deaths 46 new cases [5 deaths denotified by HPSC; 22 new cases added from Mon & Tues]
Sunday 14th 1 more death 8 new cases
Monday 15th 0 deaths, 18 new cases
Tuesday 16th 3 more deaths 14 new cases
Wednesday 17th 3 more deaths 8 new cases
Thursday 18th 4 more deaths 16 new cases
Friday 19th 2 more deaths 13 new cases
Saturday 20th 2 more deaths 22 new cases
Sunday 21st 0 deaths 6 new cases
Monday 22nd 2 deaths 4 new cases
Tuesday 23rd 3 more deaths 10 new cases
Wednesday 24th 6 more deaths 5 new cases
Thursday 25th 1 more death 11 new cases
Friday 26th 3 more deaths 11 new cases
Saturday 27th 6 more deaths 23 new cases
Sunday 28th 1 more death 3 new cases
Monday 29th 0 deaths 24 new cases
Tuesday 30th 1 death 11 new cases

July 2020

Wednesday 1st 3 more deaths 6 new cases
Thursday 2nd 5 more deaths 15 further cases
Friday 3rd 2 more deaths 9 new cases
Saturday 4th 1 death 11 new cases
Sunday 5th 0 deaths 18 new cases
Monday 6th 0 deaths 4 new cases
Tuesday 7th 1 death 24 new cases
Wednesday 8th 0 deaths 11 new cases
Thursday 9th 6 deaths 23 new cases 

That’s 1,743 deaths in total, and 25,565 cases. 

Part of making our way through these difficult times is to remain optimistic, and cheerful, as we all try and keep on the sunny side of life. As Greystones psychologist Niamh Delmar explains here.

You can check out an interactive map charting Ireland’s state of play right here, and the world’s right over here. Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay silly.

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