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August 23, 2019
My Lunches With Elvis #20: Camile Thai
July 4, 2019

The guest of honour was, fittingly enough, the bould Keith Egan, the man whose family home has now become part of Greystones’ ever-growing foodie nation.

Having swung by a few times during the transformation from Mount View to Camile Thai, Keith was nonetheless impressed by the finished product tonight.

“It’s surreal, just stepping through the front door and into another dimension,” he says, “but, this is beautiful. Having seen the progress, step by step, I had an idea of what was coming, but, I’ve got to say, this is even more impressive than I had imagined.”

About to become a flagship of the hugely popular and award-winning chain, the Greystones branch of Camile Thai offers their traditional takeaway downstairs – along with some seating – but a full-on, top-of-the-range, top-of-the-stairs restaurant on the second floor.

And tonight, ahead of its official opening on Thursday, Paul and the gang at Camile Thai invited along the good, the mad and Laura Wood for an early soft opening. A chance for the town’s most noted connoisseurs of free food to come check out the town’s latest eaterie.

Of course, giving its glowing reputation, and its rapid growth both here and in the UK over the past three years, it’s not like anyone really has to try and sell Camile Thai to a town of people who clearly love their food.

Nonetheless, the gang put on one hell of a show tonight, with, we reckon, about 3,765 people working the kitchen tonight. Give or take.

You can find out for yourself just what Camile Thai is up when it officially opens this Thursday, from noon to 11pm. In the meantime, check out our recent interview with founder Brody Sweeney right about here, and our tour of Mount View’s final days with Keith here. 

Now, go check out Camile Thai here, founder Brody Sweeney right about here, and Mount View’s final days here. 

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