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May 14, 2019
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Let’s Go Fly A Kite

There we were, about to wrap up for the night, when the bould Colin O’Mahony sent us an intriguing link.

A virtual eye-in-the-sky tour of Greystones, Delgany and a tad beyond…

Boom! Suddenly, we weren’t so tired, as we clicked on each little floating pearl of widescreen groovinesss, and got to look into the back gardens of the great, the good and even the abandoned Carmelite church.

The pictures are so clear you can make out the McDonald’s wrappers out the back of the Flynnstones’ palace.

On the plus side, it’s heartening to see so much green is still out there.

On the down side, quite a lot of it is sitting pretty as rezoned lands, and there are already a thousand and one houses ready, stamped and stampeding towards those precious pastures.

Still, there’s much to swoon over here, all the work of TV Tours Ireland – who specialise in bird’s eye views for those who really like to see the lay of the land…

You can find out more about VR Tours Ireland right about here, and go check out Fly Like A Seagull archives here.

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