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January 12, 2021
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January 12, 2021

ccording to local chef-about-town Dan Cruickshank, they’re ‘probably one of the best food trucks in the country’.

And the good news is, they’re heading our way.

Yep, after a few secret handshakes and latenight begging phonecalls with John Byrne, Sustainable Seafood Ireland will be setting up shop in Greystones.

And the very good news is, they’ll be setting up not one but two food truck locations – one in The Boat Yard and the other in the great big car park beside the train station.

Excited and delighted about moving to our foodie town, the Sustainable Seafood Ireland gang posted online this afternoon that they had found ‘not just one but two new spots for @saltybuoytruck and even @ss_wholesale out in Greystones‘.

They also said that this was the first step to a permanent location in the town.

Finally, the gang will now be looking for staff too (chefs, fishmongers, counter, front of house, etc) – so, send in your CV and/or cover note to

You can find out more about Sustainable Seafood Ireland over on their website here.

Cover shot: Shay Murray. Fishermen rocks shot: Liz Cusack.