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August 7, 2019
Digging The New Breed
August 1, 2019

We’ve often waxed lyrical – and even mildly hysterical – about how, once upon a golden time, the nightlife in this town could leave you fair dizzy for days.

If you knew the right people, the right parties, and that dirty, big, moonlighting garda on the door.

From Cabana’s to the Rugby Club, from The Stables to The Beach House, Dann’s and even The Burnaby, every weekend, every Greystones joint would be rockin’.

These days, we’re a little more selective, wary, lazy and spoilt for choice, of course, especially given our big Feck Off tellies and easy latenight access to the big city, but, in truth, when it comes to going out, Greystones has never had it so good.

And let’s face it, being home alone isn’t always quite as amazing as our online boasting makes out.

As well as the free music in the main bars – trad on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; budding rock gods and chicken-in-a-basket covers bands on Fridays and Saturdays – we’ve also got two thriving venues in the town covering just about every cultural kink known to man and beast.

Unreformed hippy Ailbhe Skay has been bringing some of that old-time rock’n’roll to the town for over a decade now, The Hot Spot attracting some of the finest veterans of the folk and furry freak-out scenes, as well as offering an open mic and welcome stage to the next generation of beat poets and travelling troubadours. Heck, the woman even lets ukulele players into the premises.

Over at the wide-eyed palace of dreams known as The Whale, the world is very much our oyster, as philanthropic founder Ross McParland opens his doors wide to pretty much every and any form of art and performance. From internationally-known artists such as Russell Brand, The Hothouse Flowers and Chris de Burgh to local heroes such as Phelim Drew, Dylan E. Crampton and Jade Phoenix, The Whale has been home to everything from blockbusters to ballet, from mime to modern dance, from stand-up comedy to chin-stroking talks, and from Aretha to Rigoletto.

And it’s all right here, right on our doorstep. And with a full bar. BOOM!

With the connection between the ever-growing presence of social media in our lives and increased anxiety, isolation and mental health issues in our actual societies now firmly established, the need to get out that door and interact with the real world outside has never been greater. The shared emotions of a good night out forges real friendships, as well as connections with, and deeper understandings of, the world around us, as we break out of a social media bubble that merely echoes our thoughts rather than opening us up to fresh ideas and new sensations

Actual human contact can feel pretty good too, of course. If you know the right people. At the right parties.

So, dust down your glad rags, choose your big night out, and go get funky with your fine fellow townsfolk.

It’s important to make contact with the living every now and then…

Find out what’s happening at The Hot Spot here, The Whale here, and all de others right here.

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  1. Anon says:

    Great post. A wake up call.

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