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April 29, 2019
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Given just how much of our lives are seen through the prism of the internet these days, it’s more important than every to mind how you go online.

Behind every click, every download, potentially lurks a scam artist. Or worse.

That’s where the Greystones-based BeSecureOnline comes in. Specialising in not only internet safety talks but cyber security software, knowing that there’s a safety wall between your family and the wild, wild west that is the web can help you rest easy at night.

And during the day too, for that matter.

Here’s BeSecure Online’s bould Graham Mulhern with the lowdown…

Based in Greystones since 2016, specialising in online protection cyber security for families, and people on all devices, we sell and install world class protection for families in Ireland and the UK. Total protection, fair value, and ongoing support.

Family protection
Time Limits on internet access
Phone Addiction
Site Blocks for kids
Banking, Anti Virus, Malware, etc, protection

We will install, set up protection for each kid, teen and adult according to age and needs. We also do online safety talks for businesses, schools, councils, etc.

For 5% Greystones residence discount use coupon ‘GreystonesGuide‘.

Nice. You can find out more about BeSecure Online on their website here, and follow them on Twitter here and Facebook here. You can also email Graham directly on