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June 27, 2020
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Lily McCann & The Philosophers Greystoned

Organised by the UCD Centre For Ethics In Public Life, this year’s theme was, unsurprisingly, Covid-19.

Those behind the awards noted that ‘the standard of the projects was outstanding’ this year, which might explain why so many fine students from de town did so well…

Of the six winners from Temple Carrig in Blacklion, Honourable Mention went to 3rd year student Michael Clarke for his entry simply entitled Philosophy, whilst in the Small Group Projects section, Ava Gowan and Ben Wade’s Is It Ethical That The Government Are Prioritising Young People For Hospital Beds? was runner-up.

Joint Runners-Up alongside Old Bawn Community School 4th Year in the 3rd And 4th Year (Transition Year And Senior Cycle) category was Siobhán Ryan with Should Government Enforce Lockdown Restrictions?, whilst multitalented 2nd Year student Emily Gaines [left, with Katie Andrews & Fiadhna McNabb] and Who Cares About A Jellyfish In Venice? was Runner-Up in the 1st And 2nd Year (Junior Cycle) category.

It was Lily McCann [right] who impressed the most though, her podcast What Do We Owe Each Other? not only winning the 3rd And 4th Year category but also earning Lily the Overall Winner crown for 2020.

Congrats to all the young philosophers who entered this year, and a big hurrah for the six Greystones winners above.

Would love to think up a witty pun to end this philosophy story, but, sadly, we Kant…

You can find out more about the Irish Young Philosopher Awards right here.