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Making Homes Happy On The Inside

We all have our own hidden desires and secret designs when it comes to making our house the perfect home.

Whether it’s a slide downstairs for the kids in the morning, or, eh, a piano over the cooker, it’s all about making these four walls your own.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little adding or subtracting, and that tipper effect causing your feng to suddenly going Full Shui. And that’s where Gaye at Slight Changes Interiors comes in.

Take it away, Gaye…

It’s that indoorsy time of year again, and we all begin inspecting and dissecting our pads, our nests, our home…

You want to do this, you want to do that; you hope to tackle this, you hope to tackle that; you aspire to accomplishing this, you aspire to accomplishing that… And yet, you’ve never considered collaboration with an Interior Designer.

Why not, one wonders? Is it the unfamiliar, the fear of someone else’s taste imposing on yours, the range of choice, the cost, or that you think you can manage it all by yourself?

Availing of an Interior Designer is a wise approach as so much is taken off your hands. You can be guided with space decisions, helped to make choices within a budget, piloted to clarify your taste, assisted for the first and second stage of new builds. And if it’s project management, you have a go-between with all the agencies on your side.

Ideas are what you get from this local Interior Design service. Gaye works with you in person, when you have the time, concentrating on ways, means and possibilities in the home, and helping you realise those long-gestating plans for that longed-for change.

No more dodging that decision – it’s as simple as booking a Slight Change Interior Design one-hour home package for just €85.

With gift vouchers available, you can find out more about Slight Changes Interiors on their website here, on Facebook here, Instagram here and Twitter here. You can also get in touch directly on 0876408631 or info@slightchangeinteriors.ie.

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