Medals All Round For Greystones Fencing Kids

Let’s Stick Together
July 1, 2019
The Tide Is High
June 27, 2019

It was a pretty successful Youth Irish Open for Greystones’ En Garde Fencing Club recently as they made their competitive debut.

Just up and running for one year, En Garde see three of their youngest contenders walked away with medals.

Fencing is, of course, a fine and noble sport, dating back to 1896, the aim of this precision swordsmanship being to leave your opponent looking like a teabag.

With head coach David Losonczi a Hungarian fencing international, Greystones wins in the U10s section at the Youth Irish Open saw Levi Griffin English and Emer Rowe both win bronze medals, whilst Elliot Wright wasroll drums – crowned champion. Also delivering incredible performances were their clubmates Sophie Galligan and Kim Colgan, both competing in the U12s.

Training every Wednesday in Educate Together, a clearly proud Losonczi said of his young competitors, “The guys did incredibly well for their first ever tournament, but the results are not what matter. The important thing is they had fun and now have an idea what fencing is all about.”

Coach Piri Keresztes, who also runs Angels Gymnastics, is hoping to set up a wheelchair fencing classes later this year.

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