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January 23, 2020
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January 11, 2020

Latest press release from those posh busy-bodies at Delgany Community Council, issued on Sunday, January 19th 2020…

Delgany Community Council are inviting election candidates to a meeting in the Glenview Hotel on January 29th at 8pm to give locals the opportunity to meet the people that could have an influence on the policies and proposals that will have a direct impact on their lives.

Candidates will be given two minutes to speak and then there will be a number of round table discussions. This is an ideal opportunity for locals to meet the people who will influence and shape the policies, plans and decisions that will impact the community in which they live.

This event will run as part of the Public Participation Network series of events and invitations will be sent to local community groups.

Confirmed to attend, as of Tuesday morning, are Tom Dunne (Ind), Valerie Cox (Ind), Jennifer Whitmore (SD), Seamus O’Connor (Aontu), Andrew Doyle (FG), John Larkin (Ind), John Snell (Ind) and William King (Ind).

“We welcome everyone in the area to come along and have their voice heard.”

You can find out more on the Facebook event page here. There’s also St David’s & Temple Carrig’s Meet The Candidates on Thursday.

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