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October 31, 2019
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Code Shite Weather Warning

Met Éireann have just issued a Status Level Brown weather warning as rain once again pelts down on the country. 

A step up from yesterday’s Status Level Yellow weather warning, the persistent, relentless rain has prompted the latest misery declaration.

Said a Met Éireann spokesperson, “We had just thought this was going to be a typical spell of Irish rain, but, this sheer relentless downpour has even the toughest, longest-serving weather experts here going stir crazy.

“Hence the upgrade from Yellow to Brown – because this weather is, officially, Code Shite.”

With partial sunshine due on Friday, the spokesperson was quick to point out that the rain would return for Saturday and Sunday. And Monday. And Tuesday. And Wednesday.

“We’re currently trying to come up with a weather warning that’s one step up from shite,” finished the Met Éireann spokesperson. “We just can’t make up our minds between Status Level Trump or Status Level Johnson…” 

You can check Greystones weather hour-by-hour on this handy website hereYou can also access all the emergency services right here.