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February 12, 2021
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Charlesland Covid Centre A No-Go

s the national press confirms 37 mass vaccinations around the country this afternoon, the inclusion of at least one may seemed premature.

Announced last week as being on the HSE’s nationwide list of primed locations, the recently-closed Charlesland Golf Club appeared on Tuesday’s confirmation list.

Only, Gabriel Dooley, the estate agent getting all parties to sign on the dotted line for the Greystones location, told the Guide that the deal is not yet finalised

Despite the club’s selection being in the national media since last Wednesday, and on the table for some time before that.

Getting in touch with Health Minister Stephen Donnelly’s office, a spokesman simply stated, ‘The HSE are certainly expecting to use this centre.’

And now, late on this wet Friday, word has come through from Gabriel.

‘HSE are not progressing any more interest in Charlesland as of this evening,” he states. “The venue is not suitable to their requirements.

“If anything changes, we will revert.” 

The root of the initial confusion and delay may be have had something to do with the heavily-divided ownership of the Charlesland Golf Club, with Evans brothers Clive, Lance and Wilson owning 50% and business partners Gerry Carron and Liam Dowd owning the other 50%. And never the twain shall have a meeting, it seems.

And that’s because these two parties have had their well-publicised major differences in recent years. And after a series of court cases, are reportedly no longer on speaking terms.

If this was the sticking point for Charlesland Golf Club being turned into a vaccination centre, it’s a real shame that such differences can be put aside, and soon.

What’s at stake here is somewhat more important than a Monopoly game turned sour.