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Mooch Makes Mysterious Milky Moves

They’re a mysterious bunch, those Mooch monkeys…

With all systems go inside the little shop on the corner, as they get ready to open, GG was informed by one of the workers there that the frozen yoghurt chain plan to open this week.

So, hey, we got in touch with Mooch.
Just to find out the exact opening date, and if, more importantly, they needed any beautiful Greystonians to get smooth with those fruit parfaits, belgian waffles and chocolate sundaes.
Thanks for that,” came the reply. “We’ll be in contact soon.”
That was last Thursday. Repeated attempts to spark an actual answer have fallen on deaf ears.
A frozen yoghurt joint giving GG the cold shoulder? Yowsa.
Finally – after they saw this postMooch got in touch. Unforeseen complications means they’ll be now opening on the June Bank Holiday weekend. Also, they have staff, but are very happy to have some local CVs for the summer. Especially if any of the staff they already have turn out to be crap.

You can send your CV to You can also visit their groovy website here, to see just how delovely and delicious their yummy frozen yoghurts are.

By the way, Tramyard next door are definitely hiring.