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January 30, 2020
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More Darts Heading Our Way…?

Latest press release from Cllr Derek Mitchell, issued on Monday, February 3rd 2020…

The NTA, who control Public Transport, spoke to The County Council on Monday, and they are keen to provide a DART every 20 minutes to Greystones – 50% more than now.

This is great news for Greystones. The Government has already allocated €2b for DART expansion and Greystones DART enhancement can be funded from that. The NTA have to do further studies and the physical work will take some time, describing it as ‘one of the more important projects in the DART expansion programme’.

Cllr Derek Mitchell said that the idea originated from a paper that he wrote in 2018, subsequently verified in a Jacobs study. The Park n’ Ride will be expanded in conjunction.

They hope to install bus lanes on the N11, well ahead of any of the main works. They are currently trying to amend the consultant’s contracts to design it. They may have to widen some places with some refuges, and limit it to professional drivers only.

The final Bus Connects scheme will be published soon and start implementing in 2021.

‘I’m glad that the Government has given the funds to improve our Public Transport,” finished Mitchell.

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  1. andrew says:

    less than a week before the election the fine gael man comes out with this. you’ve got to question the man’s ethical integrity…. oh yeah, this is the guy who order the crushing of a homeless man’s shelter.

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