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May 9, 2018
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May 9, 2018
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Moving Out In Mysterious Ways

For many attending Sunday mass, it came as something of a shock. And a half.

Having first set up shop in Delgany on December 7th, 1844, the Carmelite nuns announced from the pulpit that they are selling up and moving on.

Exactly what they’re selling, and how it will be utilised, is unknown. The nuns weren’t saying, and they haven’t answered GG’s emails either.

Heck, even GG’s mother knew about this two weeks before we did. So, you’d think this story would have a definite narrative by now.

Given that the old dears have sold off land before – hence the neighbouring housing estatesmeans that the order aren’t averse to turning a pretty penny or two when it comes to property.

And is there anyone more land rich in this country than the religious orders?

With attendance down, and religious orders across Ireland now on their knees – oh, the irony – the selling of holy lands has become something of a blood sport in this country of late. Those old folks homes ain’t cheap.

In Greystones, The Irish Assemblies Of God pocketed a cool €2m for Carraig Eden back in June last year. The Sisters Of The Holy Faith could no doubt buy all the blood of Christ in Italy with the money they recently pocketed for the sale of the 18th century Kilcoole manor, Luisne, their home since May, 1897.

And now, it seems, it’s the turn of the Carmelite nuns to take the money and run. Perhaps the maintenance of such a fine property became too expensive? As for the church, surely that has to remain as a place of worship, right…?

If we hear back from Monica at the monastery, we’ll let you know just what sort of mysterious ways the nuns are moving. In the meantime, you can check out their history here, and our December 2016 ramble chat with Shay Clear about the church here.

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